Running dog knives 1st impress

Feb 4, 1999
I have been looking at the offerings from Running dog knives for some time. Just hadnt gotten around to purchasing anything. I am on vacation this week and picked up a Large Push knife with Red micarta scales. The price was very reasonable and Michael was a pleasure to deal with. Paid with paypal and recieved the knife two working days later. Damn thats good! I am always on the lookout for an easily concealed and carried knife for those times that whether and clothing dont make for easy carry of a fixed blade. This really fits the bill. Its on the larger side of 3/32 thick which is about the same thickness of most of the Nealy offerings. It is 6.5 inches in total with a 3.75 inch cutting edge. Its damn near wieghtless and when worn on my belt crossdraw and parallel to the floor it is invisable. I wore this under an old, read nearly see through, fairly tight tee and it was unnoticable to me or others. I was able to draw it without thought. I am not usually one for blades this thin so I gave it a light punch into my Tv guide, Taint nothin on anyway, and it effortlessly punched through more than 100pgs. I really was shocked with its punctureing ability. Better to test here in the house with only the Tv guide attacking rather than find out it will snap at a more inopportune time. The blade is 1084 high carbon and comes with a black coating of some type. It is ground only on one side. The red micarta handles on mine are done wonderfully and the damn knife is ..... well ... almost ...Pretty ?!?! The edge came aggresive sharp. Not a shave sharp but a toothy sharp that when slashed across a magazine penetrated deeply. There is a false edge but it came unsharpened. Unlike most push knives the handle lends itself to a secondary grip and more utility. I have been wearing the knife for a few days and am still amazed with how well it carries. Now Im waiting for his Jr. Executive to grow up and become a senior. Right now it seems that running dog specializes in light hideaway type cutlery but that Jr exec is a sweet design and I think it would translate well. Well these are my 2cents and I will keep everyone abreast of any noteworthy developments. Check out Running Dog at

Pictures of my new knife can be seen at my homepage.


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Nice comments, Boriqua, and great pics on your site. I’ve been checking out Running Dog, too, and am impressed with their thoughtful designs and *very* reasonable prices. I’m really surprised that their knives haven’t received more attention here. (Yet?)

I’ve corresponded a little with Michael Murphy and will just add my two cents from what I’ve learned. RDK does some work with 440C but the majority of their knives are made with 1084 or 15N2 (a band saw steel similar to L6). Their knives are all hand ground and triple tempered to 57-58 RC, and to a very acute edge (as your pics nicely show). In these steels, that should make for excellent edge-holding with extraordinary toughness for small knives.

Because the knives are individually hand cut and ground, RDK can modify (or essentially customize) an existing design to fit a customer’s specific wants/needs. The 1084 can also be differentially hardened, if desired. I have an order in which I specified nearly all of the specs, using RDK’s existing designs as a starting point. Michael will e-mail the design for approval before he begins grinding. That’s essentially a custom knife, in my book.

I won’t see the knife for a few more weeks (the company is in the midst of a move right now, I believe). But, based on Michael’s prompt and detailed responses, I anticipate an excellent "daily carry" fixed. Like yours, all of RDK’s knives appear designed for high cutting performance in a light, unobtrusive package. I’ll try to post some remarks after I get a chance to work/play with mine.

I have a personal tanto from running dog and it is a great little knife. It's sharp as hell,the cord wrap handle is a awesome grip and the system sheath is well made!

All I can say is that my pack of Running Dogs have been growing over the past two years.

Guess, I am a fan.

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I love my personal tanto too, these are great knives for the price. And Michael is a pleasure to deal with. Keep up the good work.
Michael customized a Little Pup for me, adding wooden scales and some file work. It hasn't left my side since I got it. Not only is the knife great, but Michael is a pleasure to deal with as well.

All in all, I can't recommend Running Dog enough.
Wow, it's great to see this many folks with Running Dogs!

I'm curious: what kinds of steels are your RD's made from? MarcoD mentioned some customizing; anyone else also have a knife slightly (or significantly) "tailored"? This is one of the most attractive features of RDK for me!

Also, everyone posting so far has mentioned RDK's "mini" or neck-style models. Anyone have their "full-size" models (which are still relatively small: 3"-3.5" blade, 7.5"-8" OAL)?

I have one of the original run of BG42 pups. I have the 1084 pup as well. The two BG42 jr. exec's, one with black micarta the other with padoak scales, posted on his site are mine. I have a talonite Jr. Exec and an ATS34 "featherweight" on order, both with micarta scales.

Now, that I see a cool looking boot knife...

Running Dogs are by far my favorite utility FB's for day to day carry.

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Thanks, folks, for saying all those nice things about our work...It means alot to us...

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Storyville, the Running Dog push knife I have is in O1. No scales or cord wrap but some attractive file work to help the grip. Still scary (shaving) sharp after several months of around the office use.

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Nice knife & good write-up, Alex. Will you be bringing it to the NY show? I'd love to see it in person BTW, I'm waiting for a small push knife from Chris Hatin myself.


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