Running Dog sires handsome Pup

Jan 21, 2000
Just received a Running Dog little "Pup" as a prize generously given in a recent contest. I'm very impressed with the package, and intend to give it to my 25-year-old daughter who works as a financial analyst with the City of Austin, Texas Parks Dept. She's always out on location either to test out jogging trails or audit concessionnaire's, etc. and I'll feel better knowing she has this little tool and if necessary, weapon, on her person.
The knife is 5.25" long with a 2" blade of 1/8" steel, which I believe is 1095, coated with a black MOLY powdercoat finish.

Chiro75 did an exhaustive review of the knife here:

I would add that the knife has been improved in almost every respect suggested by Chiro in his review. The set screw has been eliminated and the sheath has been trimmed down into a very compact package that snugly retains the blade yet offers plenty of handle to grasp and draw the knife cleanly.
The blade is chisel ground, as stated, and seems to me to have a slight convex bevel when I lay a straightedge across it, which should give good strength behind a fairly acute edge bevel. There is also just the hint of a polished bevel on the obverse, which should make the knife well-suited to stropping. Out of the box, the edge pops hair hungrily.
In all, this is a very attractive and concealable package, and the addition of puppy toes to the lanyard hole gives the piece a friendly look that even the fairer sex finds appealing.

Nice job, Mike. Thank you!
Will York
Hey Will, did you order yours direct from Running Dog? Also, is it 1084 or still 1095? I looked at this knife a few months ago, but didn't have the dough. In all honesty, I wish they'd grind it flat rather than chisel. As for Chiro's mention of them replacing the famed REKAT knives, I don't expect the Pup to replce them per se, but from Steve's review, I'd say they fill the niche of, at least, the REKAT UNK pretty well.
I received this knife direct from Mr. Murphy at Running Dog, but as I said, it was a prize and gift from them--not an order placed by me. You would have to ask them which steels are being offered at this time for a duplicate. Chiro75 does indicate in his thread that they were transitioning into 1084.
For the money, this piece would be hard to duplicate. It's an elegantly simple little knife. Even the thumb grooves are alternately filed scallops rather than straight lines. The knife quietly whispers, "class". Get one.
Don't forget. Running Dog is now coming out with BG42 versions for those who don't like the dark blade look. Actually, I have the BG42 and the 1084 and like them both.

Can't wait to get my two BG42 jr. exec's. This will be basically the Lil Camper with a change in steel, red micarta handle instead of cord wrapped, more filing (nice as already pointed out).

Thrawn, I actually like the pup more than my REKAT utility. The fang is another story though.


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Hello Will, glad to hear you received your "PUP" and will be putting it to good use...

Your "PUP" is made from 1084 steel...We start today with a run of BG-42 PUPs...we will be able to offer this metal as a catalog item soon...

About the edge grind...We call it an "asysmetrical" grind to distinguish it from the American Tanto style chisel grind and in fact it has many differences...

Full flat grinding on a 1/8 inch thick blade leaves a very thin blade...We feel our grind will give you a stronger knife without compromising it's cutting ability...

To Sing and others...We finally got all of the supplies we ordered including the steel, and we start cutting today...(Yea!)

Look for these new knives to be posted as we finish them...I'll be sending them off to Rob Simonich for heat treat and get them out asap...

Again Will, congradulations on winning our best dog joke contest and let me know how the "PUP" works out for your daughter...

Running Dog

and Lucky the Dog

Running Dog Knife Company
Guys, I have an early version of the Pup in BG-42, took it to Japan, around LA, used it on food, packages, rope not a problem! The grind takes a little getting used to. I sharpen it on my Sharpmaker 204 and works like a champ! Now Mike, how about a Pup in Talonite???
Man, I just got done looking at the Running Dog site. Great knives you got there, Mr. Murphy! You mentioned that stainless was available on special order on your website. What stainless steels do you guys offer? And how much is the BG-42 Little Pup? Any chance that can come w/ a multiple carry position sheath?
As owner of a Pup and a Little Camper, I can say that these knives are worth way more than they are being priced at! The Little Pup I have had some things that needed to be worked out, but that has been taken care of, as indicated. The Little Caper is just awesome, and it really is a perfectly sized little knife. I carry mine all the time. While the Fang is a nice knife, and light for its size, it doesn't cut anywhere nearly as well as my Little Camper, IMHO.
I'm also impressed with the Pup, it's very light and does not "print" under any shirt I've tried it with. It is sharp and easy to keep that way too, I'm looking forward to the BG42 version, should be twice as nice.

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Knifeknut(just ask my wife)
Hello again...

Copfish, good to hear your PUP was a faithful companion on your recent trip...

A Talonite PUP? You must be reading my shop notes
Need an reason to cut some anyway...

Thrawn: 440C and BG-42 will be kept on hand (I hope) at all times...

Anything you want on special order, like Talonite, 440V or damascus...

The BG-42 PUP normally goes for $60 and all knives now come with system sheaths...

Chiro75: Glad you enjoy your knife! Dell and Lucky say hi!

Running Dog

Running Dog Knife Company

You're really going to try talonite? Oh boy, another "dog" out there to get.


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You realise this means a $80 Pup!

It's gonna be after the Oregon show...the last two weeks of April we have 12 knives to do and then we start a new project (Big secret!) That will take up alot of our time...

When (if) we get it done I'll post a picture of it...How's this stuff for drilling? We learned a lesson with the high carbon steel we cut (hint: fresh drill bits) Looking forward to the pain

We will also be producing our own damascus at this time...not enough for production, but we hope to be offering "Dog" steel soon...

Running Dog

Running Dog Knife Company

That still a good price. Plus, that means I could end up with a first run of talonite pups like I have of the BG42.

If you do it, I am on the list.


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P.S. I hate "secrets." Makes me shake in anticipation.