RVW: Himalayan Imports village Sirupati

Feb 4, 1999
Himalayan Imports, as most BFC members will know, makes an exceptional line of authentic Nepalese khukuris. In addition to their own line made by their paid workers in their two shops, HI also exports work done by village kamis (knife/tool makers) who are not directly employed. These knives are generally less-finished than HI's in-house stuff, and they cost quite a bit less yet retain the same warranties as the in-house line. My latest village acquisition is a Sirupati-style khukuri, which is a nice complement to the Dhankuta village khukuri I already own. You wouldn't believe the price on this khukuri (it was a "make an offer" deal) so I won't even bother posting it here.
The Sirupati style is slimmer and more lightweight than the traditional style of khukuri most of us picture mentally. This particular one is 17.5" OAL with a tip to bolster measurement of 12.5" and a handle of 5". Thickness is about 3/8" at the spine and this tapers to a nice sharp point. The knife isn't the sharpest, but I discovered the burr from sharpening is still present, so removing it on my fine Norton benchstone should reveal a wicked edge! Width of the blade is about 1.5" at the widest point.
The sheath is well made, although a little loose. This is fixable, so no big deal, and those who like quickdraw sheaths would love this one! It is nicely constructed, as are all my HI sheaths. This village model features the classic scrollwork on the blade flat with some brass inlay, which is well-done and more decoration than manmy of the village models usually have. The edge and blade are quite straight and feature what I would guess to be about a 200 grit finish throughout, so it could be upgraded to a nice polish with a lot of elbow grease. The bolster is very well made and the handle is pretty rough, but smooth shere it needs to be and well shaped. I could stand a little larger diameter on this horn handle, as well as a bit (.75") longer, but I have small hands so this will do just fine. Buttcap is flat, which is nice, and it will require epoxy, but this is par for the course when it comes to real khukuris, and who can gripe about 30 seconds of "work"?

The chakma and karda are exceptionally well made, sporting blades of 4.5-5 inches and 2.75" handles (feel more like 3"). The handles appear to be rosewood, so I wonder why the kami used it and not horn? Anyway, they are very straight, much bigger than what I usually get, and have a nice polished finish. I've seen American makers that would charge $100 a pop for hand forged blades of this quality, honestly. VERY impressive quality!
Oberall, this khukuri is super impressive and once again HI and Bill Martino have put a valuable package into a low price tag margin. I can't say how well this knife feels in the hand, and it will be a joy to use on lighter chopping and brush clearing adeventures. Thanks, HI, and especially thanks to whatever kami made this delightful and beautiful Sirupati! A+!

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Nice report Chiro.
When you get time could/would you put a pic of it up? I would like to see it with the karda and chakma.
That's an impressive size for them.
Those sound a little bigger than the ones I got with my 18"AK and those are nice.
I think yours sounds a lot like my 17" Sirupati villager that makes me want to do that exotic dance naked.(vbeg)


The civilized man sleeps behind locked doors in the city while the naked savage sleeps (with a knife) in a open hut in the jungle.

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