RVW: Neil Blackwood Tanto Neck Knife

Feb 19, 1999
I recently received a Tanto Neck Knife from Neil Blackwood (Dr. Lathe) and thought I'd do a short review.

The knife can be seen at: http://www.geocities.com/Eureka/Meeting/5520/page4.html

It bears a 9 centimetre blade, with an OAL of just under 19 centimetres. The tanto-style blade does not have a secondary point like the "American" tanto, rather it has a continuous curve to it. Blade is 3 millimetre thick D2. It is hollow ground up to the start of the curve, where it becomes convex ground. The blade sports a beautiful hand-rubbed finish. The hollow ground portion of the edge is extremely thin and SHARP! The convex point is thicker and not quite as sharp, but still sharp enough to scrape hair.

The handle consists of thin anodized Ti scales with black epoxied nylon overwrap. Very comfortable, grippy and pretty all at the same time! The diamond wrap gives a very secure grip. This combined with the small guard makes for a very secure thruster.

The knife comes in a well-made Kydex neck sheath that holds the knife securely without too much force required to withdraw the blade.

Overall, this is an excellent knife (especially for the price). My only complaint (I had to come up with one) is that I would have preferred the cord wrap to cover the pins used to attach the scales.

Neil Blackwood was a joy to deal with as well. He never hesitated to answer any of my many questions. He'll definitely be getting some more orders from me.
Thanks for the Review! This is my first on the Forums.....
I've considered glueing the scales on as this would be plenty strong under the wrap. Also considered was anodized Ti pins. Pins allow the scales to be attached with no glue making refinishing or re-wrapping much easier. My prototypes have SS torx screws that stand out more than the pins.
I will contact you offline about your feelings on anodized pins.

Update in process! New knives, pictures, Sheaths!!


Well my friend,,, it sounds like someone had a good weekend Eh!

Scaba,, Christmas isn't for weeks! Unatural for someone to be happy this early!

Neil,, Nice blade,, you can expect to send me one sometime in the future...

Take Care...

Eric - OST

Eric E. Noeldechen
On/Scene Tactical

Just so we all know what you are talking about.....what's a centimeter?
Thank you for reviewing Neil Blackwoods tanto. I say this, because I have one on order from him. I am even more excited about getting it now (although if you ask my wife, it is for her)

Thanks again,

Lynn Griffith-Custom Knives
New model, the "Marksman" just added to My website [ GriffithKN@aol.com </A>

I won't rush you. If you get it done early though, you won't hurt my feelings a bit. I will review it when I get. I will only review the workmanship though, as my wife will not want me scratch it all up using it. I own many customs, but yours is the first one I ever ordered, and waited for.


Lynn Griffith-Custom Knives
New model, the "Marksman" just added to My website GriffithKN@aol.com

My Blackwood Small Game should be arriving any day now!!! And I'll second the comment that Neil is great to do business with. Top notch. Ranks right up there with Lynn Griffith, I don't mind saying! Great customer service, polite, courteous, and above all these guys know knives!! Keep up the great work, fellas!

"This is the last one. I mean it this time."