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Sabenza blade finish


Jan 2, 1999

I have just bought a large sabenza and i must say it is everything I thought it would be. Only one major "disappointment" - the blade finish is very rough, I expected a satin-polished finish while it looks as if it has scratches all over and was not received its final finish. It is a new sabenza (21 Jan-99 manufacturing day) - Is it what you guys also have ? I would be glad if someone from CR will answer this.
Well, you CAN get a satin finished blade. Of which I have a few, but my 'working' knives all have the stone washed finish. You see, the reason CR went to this finish is because satin finished blades show scratches.

Count your blessings. It is actually a fairly sophisticated finish, which doesn't show scratches, yet is smooth and doesn't rust like bead blasted blades.

If you decide you don't like it, I am sure there are several posters who will buy it from you. Walt
Stone wash - that is the term I was looking for.. so you actually think this finish is cooler/more useful than the high-polish one ?

I guess It will take me some time to get used to it.

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