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Sad news on Benchmade Pinnacle

Nov 16, 1998
Found out from Benchmade themselves that the Pinnacle's thumb post will not be reversible any more on the new ones coming out now. The side it comes on is what you now have to live with. Only right hand opening now. Sure am glad I got the earlier ones, I use my left hand as much as my right hand so at least I can switch the thumb studs from side to side on mine.

Bad move on Benchmade's part IMO !
Sorry lefties!


I'm pretty sure you can make an indention on the other side of the blade with a cobalt drill bit and a press. If you order a thumb stud from HalpernTitanium.com you should be able to make the knife ambidextrous without the need for the indention. It would look like the studs on the Axis or that Elishewitz thing.


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