SAK sheath advice!


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Jan 14, 2010
I recently acquired a SAK One Hand Trekker. I really like it, but don’t like it loose in my pocket. Can you SAK gurus point me to a nice belt sheath or clip option? Thank you!
I use a TEC P7 clip on my one handed trekker, let's the knife hang vertical comfortably in your pocket.
I have looked at that option. I think a pouch or sheath would serve me better.
Nite Ize makes a locking clip that attaches via an adhesive strip. They make them in metal and plastic. They aren't the nicest looking pocket clips, but are very functional, in my experience using them on SAKs and cell phones. Vic Camper below:


I like the nylon or other soft pouches as they keep the knife really close to the side. The leather ones always seemed to stick out too far and caught on things all the time, and they are thicker if you have to roll over onto them.
I like large traditional folders with no pocket clips.

I've never taken to having a holster on my belt.

My solution is to run a seam up the side of my right rear pocket. About 1.5" wide and about 3" tall. Just enough that the knife stays upright on the outer edge of my RRP. Very easy to access the knife. Doesn't advertise the knife's presence. Does't fall out. Very comfortable sitting or driving.

If I had a one hand trekker, it's how I would carry it.
Check out KSF. They have one called Buffalo Leather pocket slip- large and small.
I have a small for my tinker I really like. Soft and not too thick.
I dug out my old Army issue Gerber muti tool just to see if the pouch would fit. It is almost exactly what I am looking for.
I picked up one of these sheaths from Rainbow of California a while ago and could not be more happy with it. I think one of them would fit the OHT pretty well. Can be carried horizontal or vertical, and has a flap with velcro, all while being very lightweight and inexpensive! I carry an Opinel Outdoor and penlight in mine attached to my running belt and it's very secure!


I am pretty sure it fits a Case Large Leather side draw if that is an option that works for you
Tons of the ballistic material belt sheaths on the bay real cheap. They all look the same to me, so "nice" is relative. I guess you can find one as expensive as you like.