SAKs & Other Knives - Carried Together

Mar 22, 2022
If there is a general EDC combo which is closer to perfection than a KF4 paired with a Compact, then I want to know what it is.


The KF4 was the best Juice. Change my mind.


This EDC combo has everything: combination pliers, excellent wire cutters, a 3d phillips which can hold a 1/4 hex bit adapter, a 3-sided file with a diamond coating on one side, 4 different sizes of flat screwdrivers, a combination flat/phillips micro screwdriver, 2 plain edge blades and 1 serrated edge blade, an inline awl, a wood saw, a metal saw, a combination cap lifter/can opener with a wire stripping notch, an absurdly capable pair of scissors, a small fingernail file, a corkscrew, a multipurpose hook, a pressurized ink pen insert that can write upside down, a tiny straight pin, and lastly of course there is also the toothpick and tweezers.

The only thing missing is a flashlight, but if you carry a phone then you've already got one.

Please show me a better general EDC combo than this one. It's highly pocketable, super functional, and it has zero redundancy. The KF4 and the Compact go extremely well together.


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Oct 3, 2014
Can't really say "carried" together (yet) but this brand-new Mora was in my hand today dissecting a really choice cantolope. At the same time the Rambler was in my RFP. The Mora will soon be carried afield. It will then most likely be paired with a different Vic, possibly a Farmer or a Huntsman. :)



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Jul 23, 2015
What I’s that whistle? ..I
absolutely love your antique collection, but I would love to pick a couple of modern, well made modern reproductions for my daughter’s keychain for their safety.

Thank you in advane,
Lee D
Thanks mate, that fella is an Olight Titanium Mini. It retails for $25aud so you should be able to get one for $5us 🤣😂. It's well made loud and not too overpriced. Some brand name limited run whistles are over priced and don't whistle well.
My 50c whistle I have on my Huntsman is as good as any I've ever had. Given to me as a joke from my wife

I've taught my son in the bush to blow once to say 'hello', like where are you dad. Two blows means I hear you I'm over here and three blows means there is trouble come to me. We don't have the dangers your daughters would face but I good long blast of this whistle is ear piercing.