San Fransisco knife shops?

Oct 2, 1998
Sorry if this has been asked before, but with the search feature not working...

I'll be visiting the San Fran area soon and was wondering if there were any must-see knife shops in the area.

Thanks in advance.

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When you get hauled to Pier 39 don't dispair, We Be Knives has some great stuff, much better than you would expect from a tourist trap.

If you are at a Convention down town, the SF Gun Exchange on 2nd street is worth looking at, and there is a Remington Razor shop right down the block that carries a wide variety of production knives.

If you cross the bridge over to the East Bay, The Edge of the World in Oakland's Jack London Square is a must see.

And if you have any free time, give me a ring.

I must concur with stjames about We Be Knives- I got a great deal from them on a Spyderco Military. They also have a kick butt collection of some of Al Mar's large fixed blades. I was there May 31 and I *know* he had to mop the floor after I left. SWMBO had no problems tracking me down after I left the store- I was told the drool trail was quite easy to follow.

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We Be Knives ROCKS!!!!
The gal that was working there on the night that I wandered in gave me a great deal on two BM Balisongs! Definite must!

We Be Knives has high prices, but negotiable prices...In Oakland, look at We Be Knives in Jack London Square. The SF Gun Exchange has a pretty decent selection of customs...The real sleeper is Columbus Cutlery on Columbus at about Broadway in S.F...lots of older and goofy unique stuff...

Columbus slipped my mind, maybe because North Beach is a pain to get to even for SF.

Maybe we should organize a get together around the BAKCA show?

My experience with "We Be Knives" is you take a chance (was there last weekend again). The have a large selection - including some nice handmade stuff - but it really depends on who is behind the counter. Some of them don't know nothing about anything and try to hard sell. And the prices... Well, let's just assume they are close to double what you would pay on the internet. If you keep that in mind and know what you are talking about, you should be able to get them down to a more reasonable deal.

My tips:
Take cash and subtract the % for credit card transactions. You can also take a printout from an internet company and say, that's what they ask for the knife, how much if I buy it from you right here?

For looking and fumbling of course a nice place to be. Fun is if you play dumb tourist and ask all kinds of silly questions to check on the knowledge of the counter person.

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