San Mai Discontinued?

Jan 17, 2019
I have noticed that a few of the Cold Steel knives, especially the larger fixed blades are now in different steels then the "traditional" San Mai variations. Does anyone know if the the San Mai versions are being phased out?
a quick search on cold steel's website shows multiple big San Mai knives. tantos, trail master, tai pan, Laredo bowie. most are not made in Japan anymore, but they're there as far as I can tell
The Japanese San Mai III knives have been discontinued, except for the Trail Master. The others (Tantos, Tai Pan) have been switched over to Taiwan. And now, I guess to distinguish from the previous San Mai III, they are only calling it San Mai (no III).
Hey jencarlos, you're right - I should have been more specific.

jlauffer - thank you for the info, I have done more research and you're right. I appreciate the feedback.

I'm new to blades and collecting but I'm learning!