Schrade 152 Review by Fred Perrin

Oct 16, 1998
152OT 152UH
Master At Masters (sunday included)
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"An extension of your finger that was good
for skinning large squirrels and small elephants"

If the definition of a knife is a sharp piece of steel and an handle, these both models are pure knives.
I mean its a simple concept but simple ideas are the "highest" ideas.
Created in 1974 by Mr. Henry Baer, to be a skinner, this knife is now a Classic amongst the Classics. (what
will be in 25 years all these tactical models of today ?).
But who cares about a $30.00 knife ($19.95 at Walmart...)?


The main difference between both models is:
The Sharpfinger is 1095 Carbon Steel and the Wolferine is Schrade Plus (440A stainless steel).

The 3.5" is curved like a bear claw with sharpened back (the back of the claw not of the bear !)
This is unique design has been used by many other brend factory.

The handle is bowed and the ricasso forms a finger stop and prevents the hand to slip on the blade.
On the back of the blade there is a place for the thumb.
The handle is thin on the side of the blade and thick at the butt: the grip is secured and confortable.

The great control of the blade makes the 152's an real extension of your hand. Like a sharp finger in fact.

The handle is made of plastic. It's very confortable for hard uses.

There is a lanyard hole. And that's an important detail !

The shape of the blade is really polyvalent and not striclky confine in capping and skinning purposes.
You can eat with it, cook with it, work on wood, clean fish etc etc...

The blade is flat grounded on both sides for a better resistance and incredible polyvalence.

To resharp the blade is really a piece of cake with both steels. Dulling the blade is not so easy as the blade
got an excellent edge holding.

As far as we are concern, we really appreciate that knife because it's a utilitary knife and the all around
fixed blade archetype.

In his book " Knives, Knife Fighting and Related Hassles", Marc "Animal" Macyoung shows his
Sharpfinger as his utility knife and main self defense blade.
You can be shocked by this concept but it's true.
It's a small knife with gutts but let's be clear, Marc and my friends strongest cuts are made in Pizzas or
Quiche ! We don't remove sentries everyday and we try to avoid gang war.
But anyway for a low price you got a low profile self defense and utility blade.
Light sharp with good balance, this is all about.

Back In 1974, they was no tactical fashion. The prime design of the Sharpfinger was surely not self defense
but as a very well made tool, you can turn it as a very well made weapon.
For example the Machette is made as an agricultural tool but in a lot of countries it is the poorman sword.
There is no shame as turning a good utility knife into a good self defense knife.
Compared to all the "tactical" knives hype around, it's strange why the152 and many classical designs are
ignored by TK afficionados. Cheap doesn't mean crap.
(Imagine a 152 with g-10 handle and kydex sheath, and with its blade bead blasted...enough tactical for
you ?)
Don't forget the "tactical knife" is the knife you got in your hand and the right moment...

Marc said to us:
"Be warned, the purist get real unnerved when you use a "fighting knife" as a tool. I beat the hell out of my
knives. They look at them and say (in horrified tones) "What have you been doing with this knife ?"
That's why bladesmithg consider me such a savage.
I got over that the day that I climbed a cliff and halfway up I discovered it turned to shale. I ended up
hacking new hands holds with my knife and moving up a foot at a time. I don't care how much that knife
cost, it was either ruin it or fall.
The Schrade 152 is one of the few knives I haven't been able to break despite seriously abusing it."

Judicious Marc Macyoung. His books are a kind of "checkpoint" for anyone interested in self defense.
A "must know" .

The sheath of 152 is made of genuine leather. It's old fashioned but nice "a la" scout.
Great for the price.

By the way, if you lose yourself in the jungle of your supermarket, take a look at that Schrade knives.
You will perharps notice one of that original 152 and perharps, again, you will adopt it. Definitively.

The 152 ?
A Real utility knife.

Fred Perrin