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Sebenza & Benchmade 750 - side by side pictures

Oct 3, 1998
I was giving my Mavica camera a workout, and took some closeups from various angles of a large Chris Reeve Sebenza and a Benchmade 750. They're definitely different knives, but with a lot in common. The Chris Reeve has a lot of extra little manufacturing refinements that show up in these picures, for the benefit of those who haven't had a chance to squint at both up close.

Here's a shot that shows the construction difference in the spring portion of the titanium handle slabs.

The rest of these are links to images, rather than pictures that come up on their own, for more merciful downloading time.






Very nicely done.
Thanks for the pictures James.

God bless!

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I knew something was odd about the BM.. The clip gets in my way when I'm trying to open the lock.

I'll stick with the CR.
I have 2 750's and a small Sebenza. The only similarity seems to be the lock design. I like both knives but,I tend to baby the Sebenza more because of the value. Actually I only use the 750 plain edge and keep the combo NIB because it is a 1 of 1000.I like both designs and also I had to get a CRKT S-2 with plain edge. This one is a sleeper I think. It has a smooth feel and locks up tight and has nice looks.I think I like the BG-42 of the Sebenza a little better than the ATS-34 of the other two models.

It is my understanding that every one of the 1000 were labeled 1 of 1000. Because every knife is one knife out of 1000 made. You might want to check on that. Benchmade has a website. Maybe a toll free number.

I called BM when I got my "1 of 1000" Pinnacle. It does mean 1 of the first thousand. BM has since decided, as I was told, to not do this again. It fooled too many people, which was not there intention. I believe they just wanted to give the knife a more meaningful imprint than just "First Production Run", without the added manufacturing costs of individual serial numbers.
Yeah Codeman, that's right... it's not individually numbered but it's a mere indication that it was a part of the first run. I almost was tricked too!


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Nice pictures! As a "once in a while" folder maker, I found the pictures very interesting. I dont' own either knife but the CR wins for best attention to detail.
With all the Sebenza talk here at the Forums, one is high on my want list!
I'm not quite sure what the BM sells for, I will check out ChaiCutlery.com and find out!
I think I will wait a buy a CR after Christmas.
EDIT: Lots more good pics at CHAI. Nice website! I will wait and but a Sebenza!!
Update in process! New knives, pictures, Sheaths!!

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I also appreciated the pictures, thanks. I have a question too.

It appears that in the pictures, the CR lock comes over further than the locking bar on the Benchmade. Can you comment on the strength of the Benchmade lock? Thanks again.
I must compliment you on your photography, James. The pics are gorgeous.

Considering what I have heard, I am pleasantly surprised to see how nice the BM750 looks. I think that the curved scales might give a more ergonomic grip as well.

On only one picture, and this may be incorrect because of the angle, it seems that I can see the big washer (around the pivot pin) of the 'Benza, while no washer is visible on the 750, whether this is significant or not, I do not know, but in general, the bigger the washer, the better the blade support.

My main concern with the design of the 750 is that the clip is adjacent to the frame lock. James, does this interfere with the natural tendency of the frame lock to get more firmly locked when the knife is gripped firmly?

Again, thanks for the fine pics. Walt
to answer a few questions,
steve6- i have one and have done the spine whack test a number of times now. holds great and feels solid. if you have any faith in a liner lock, i wouldn't worry about this one.

walt-the 750 has a huge washer on the non-lock side. there is a smaller one on the lock side so the locking bar can clear. blade support is very good. the sebenza i handled was better IMO, but the 750 is very good. i haven't had a problem with the clip placement in relation to the lock, but that's just me.

overall, i love the knife. i didn't think i would and got it more as a novelty than as a user. mine became a user. i'm getting another one soon. if you get one, i doubt you'll regret it. and if you don't think you like it, give it a little time. you quite possibly might change your mind.
I have handled both and prefer the Sebenza.
Why....? It's a Sebenza need I say more.

I did think the 750 was put together well and wouldn't mind owning one but I would always reach for the Sebenza first.

Just my $0.02

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Walt, in answer to your question,

My main concern with the design of the 750 is that the clip is adjacent to the frame lock. James, does this interfere with the natural tendency of the frame lock to get more firmly locked when the knife is gripped firmly?

In my experience, yes it does. On my Pinnacle, if I held it just right (or just wrong!) and squeezed it a certain way, I could feel the lock begin to disengage *ever* so slightly. That's right: not only does the clip position prevent your finger pressing in on the lock, it even seems to allow a bit of pressure against the spring from the other side! Problably not enough to be dangerous, but it made me a teeny bit nervous. As an experiment, I removed the clip and, WOW! It's a better knife! If you buy a Pinnacle, you might want to consider removing the clip and using a belt pouch instead.

Incidentally, I have sold the Pinnacle and bought a Sebenza instead. The Sebenza clip has its own set of drawbacks, but at least it doesn't interfere with the lock-up.

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