Sebenza Blade Shape Resembles Native American Knife Artifacts

Mar 6, 1999
An observation:

The Sebenza is supposed to be a rugged utilitarian knife. The plane version, at any rate, is not made to be beautiful. It's made to be a hard worker.

My sons and I collect Indian (Native American) artifacts in a plowed field near my house each year right after plowing. I have noticed that the shape of the Sebenza blade is very similiar to that of many Indian knives we have found. Coincidence? I do not know.

I'm sure that those prehistoric peoples experimented with many blade shapes before
the form evolved to the Sebenza like shape. If you have not caught on, this is meant to be a tribute to the Sebenza design.

I also admire beauty, for beauties sake, in a knife. If I'm in that "mood" I will carry
my Spyderco "Velie".

If I'm stranded in the wilderness with 1 knife however I will tale the Sebenza any

"Walk softly and carry a big stick"...TR

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