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Sebenza integral lock

Oct 6, 1998
Just wondering, what is this integral lock -system like. Only thing I know about this is from the text on KnifeCenter's Sebenza-page and it didn't say so much to me (it's me, not the text). I would appreciate it if somebody explained it thoroughly to me (or even better, if there's a picture of the engaged lock somewhere...). What about the can't-remember-its-name from Benchmade, does it have a same kind of integral lock?
Jani; the Sebenza lock is simple to describe: imagine not just the thin Ti liner lock sliding in behind the tang when the blade is locked open, but the entire top half of the scale on that side.

That is how it works. The Ti scale is slotted horizontally so the top can act as a blade lock, while the bottom half of the thick Ti scale maintains structural integrity.

You have about 1/8" of Ti behind the blade, and squeezing the scales moves the locking part of the scale in behind the tang more securely. Hope this helps, Walter Welch
Hi Jani!

Maybe this picture will illustrate what Walt and Senator are trying to explain...

p.s. this is not a Sebenza it's a Vector : )

Actually, what make the lock stronger is that when you are gripping tight the handle, you are also re-enforcing the lock. A few of other brands also have the same mechanism but under different name. Like "Frame lock" in the KISS and "Monolock" in the soon-to-be released BM Pinnacle. There may be more...

The idea is good except that one will be limit to use hard material like Titanium for the handles cum lock.

My 2 cents.

Here is what they are talking about.

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