Sebenza: Praise or Raze

Feb 5, 1999
I currently own a large Sebenza and I love it. As anyone who owns one can attest, it is simply the best built knife around.
Kudos to "Chris Reeve Knives"

Now, the reason for this topic.
I am looking for reviews by owners of this work of art. Specifically I am looking for info regarding tip and edge strength, performance oriented comments and comparisons of this knife to such knives as the Spyderco Military and other good knives.
The reason for this, I currently refrain from using my Sebenza for the harder cutting tasks as I have little experience with the hollow grind and I would rather not punish this knife unless I am sure it can take it.
I do not doubt that it is a strong working knife, but at best I am skeptical of edge and tip strength.
This is one knife I plan on keeping for a long time. I know Chris stands behind his products but I would rather not have to waste his time if it is unnecessary.
Any and all comments are welcom and appreciated.

Norwegian Misfit

"When strong, appear weak"

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William, I too have a Sebenza, but the small one, it is the most costly in my collection. Have been carrying a 98 ats military,daily. But just got a EDI,gen1 yesterday, retiring the military, great knife but always felt too big for me, posted my thoughts at the EDI Genesis reveiw page. Back to the Sebenza, got mine 1.5 years ago at a local knife show, I think its BG-42 steel, donot know if he has always used that someone told me, he has used other steels in the past? But anyway I too have treated the knife with kid gloves, but about 6mo. ago dropped it on concrete open,YIKES :O Didn't touch the handle just polished it!! Did slightly chip the blade near the tip. Took me a couple hours to get the chip smooth without taking off to much, but you can hardly notice it now. So my point, after that it was like your first scratch on that new car... I gave the knife hell! THE KNIFE IS TOUGH!! Have not carried it daily, but used it alot.. mostly during going out, weekends. Kind of a dress up knife, my wife trys to steal it, she thinks it pretty! But fear not it is a work horse. I would use it more but should have gotten the large as you did, good choice.It opens as keen as the first day I got it although it feels worn in, like a good old pair of shoes.It does draw attention, but alot of people say, How much!!! They just don't understand, well for me its knifes and guitars, or steel and wood
Well hope this info is helpful,I too am new to this forum, and think it is great... love to talk knives!
Now if I could just find an acoustic guitar forum, I'd be set. Praise the Sebenza! See you later. hexstrings @aol

I own the 3 knives you and Bartman have discussed (Large BG42 Sebenza, 440V Military, and EDI Genesis I). I use them all regularly and they are my primes in pocket carry rotation.

Three attributes are important in discussing strength for use, steel, lockup and blade geometry. Unquestionably the Sebenza has the strongest lock around, but none of these fail the A.T. Barr lock test. Accordingly I have no fear that they will fold up on my hand in use. Now of the blades, the Genesis is the thinnest and the Military thickest. Of the steels used (ATS34, BG42 and CPM440V), the 440V may be the most brittle but it is used in the thickest blade. Keeping that in mind none of these knives should be used as a prybar. The Military and Sebenza are plain brutes. They'll do anything one can reasonably expect a great folder to do. The Genesis really gives up little with its thinner blade. All easily can be used to cut carpet and PVC pipe which are materials that require a solid and sharp instrument.

What you have here are 3 great knives that far exceed any marginal thresholds in the categories mentioned above. They'll all serve as great workhorses. Keep in mind that the name Sebenza in Zulu means work. You have nothing to fear. Use your knife; and enjoy the craftsmanship and materials it is made with.


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William - I may be incorrect, but I believe that Sebenza in Zulu means "work". Chris designed and he and Ann build this model to do just that.
I am glad that I am not the only one with the jitters about using this knife.
I would also like to thank one and all for the quick responses.
I am still looking for any comments, stories, interesting backround and witty quips about the "mighty Sebenza"

While I am still gunshy about using it I am getting a little more used to the idea. After all it is backed by an awesome guarantee.
Thanks again.

Norwegian Misfit

"When strong, appear weak"

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