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Oct 3, 1998
I'm a new owner of a small, plain, Sebenza. How come no one point out the fact the the handles of the Sebenza are so damn easy to scratch!! I scratched my Sebenza rubbing it with a towel, is that sad or what? How can this be? I thought the Sebenza was "The world's finest folder?" I guess nothing is perfect after all. I must say, I am disapointed in the Sebenza. Maybe I'm just uptight, but a $290 knife should not be able to be easily scratched.

The scratching of the handle of your Sebenza is most probably caused by the towel containing particles of sand. The Titanium material of the grip is very strong for it's weight but is not particuarly hard!! so the sand particle in your towel was harder on the Rockwell scale and you scratched the handle.
Even Hrc 60-61 hardened knife blades will scratch this way if you "wipe" them to "hard" and there is a sand particle present in the towel.
If your disappointed of the Sebenza please mail it to me in the Netherlands and I'll send you 50% so 145 dollars for it (;} just joking).
Live with the scratch and be proud of the knive.
Best regards, you lucky person, Bagheera


Hi Ninjak - Don't worry about scratches in the ti handles. As Bagheera pointed out, ti is strong but not that hard, therefore is susceptible to minor scratches. My Sebenza is several years old and already has numerous scratches on the handle and especially the clip. Titanium won't rust out on you, so there is no need to worry about them. Look at it this way: scratches add character
If worse comes to worse, I bet Reeve will re-bead blast the handles for you for a small fee (at most). Contact Chris Reeve to see if this is possible.

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As posted above, I wouldn't worry about it. Ti is a strong material, but not necessarily hard, so these things are bound to happen.
I also remember reading in one of these forums that beadblasting Ti, while making real grippable (is that a real word?) may actually make it a bit more susceptible to small scratches. Bead blasting, by its nature, leaves many micro valleys and peaks in the surface of the material. Smaller surface scratches don't really penetrate down into the base of the material itself, but only wears the peaks off of the material in a localized area. Some owners have smooth-finished their Sebenzas (and other knives with bead blasted Ti) for a more glossy surface, and it resists scratches much better. Keep in mind that this may make the knife harder to hold onto in wet/slippery conditions.
Like Dexter said, many of us Sebenza owners consider scratches as character marks, and proof it their constant use. Each scratch is a story, and some of our knives have a pretty good history going for them, I would guess.

Hey NINJAK, why dont you paint your sebenza with Krylon paint -then you wont scratch it.

Reeve will refurbish any knife for a mere 20
dollars, so scratch away.


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Anyone carried a small decorated Sebenza in a tight leather sheath? I just purchased a tight horizontal leather sheath and now am paranoid about putting the knife in for the first time, for fear of finding micro-scratches when I remove it.

I would appreciate feedback from anyone who carries a small decorated Sebenza in a tight leather sheath.

Thank you.

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Hmmm.. I believe there's a thread at the CRK Forum about refinishing the scratched handles... uhh.. satin-finished that is.

I suppose they'll be a bit more slippery to hold onto when wet, but aren't decorated Sebbies shiny as well? Can't say, coz I've never seen a real Sebenza, only in pics.

Thanks for the reply Danny even though its been like FOREVER! since I last posted this subject for anyone to reply. I've taken off the bead-blasted finish on my Sebenza using medal sand paper and now it looks awesome. The handles are much more scratch resistant now.
If you wish a prompt reply regarding any Chris Reeve product, simply post your question on their forum; it is under makers/manufacturers. In addition, there is on that forum a lengthy FAQ's prepared by James Segura ('StJames'); it has the answers to many questions, and a lot of other information.

Anne Reeve suggested Soft-Scrub to remove scratches. Walt
Most small scratches on titanium will heal on their own accord. This is due to the formation of Titanium oxide, a hard surface "coating" formed by the titanium itself. This will make small scratches disappear again after a while. Larger scratches will require refinishing to fix.
Depending on the size of these scratches, I would give it a week, maybe two to let the titanium oxide reform over the scratches.
Just my 2 cents...

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