Sebenza vs Terzuola

Jul 26, 1999
Want to buy either a Sebenza or Terzuola ATCF. Looking for opinions from those who own one or the other, or both. Thanks.

I have only the Sebenza so I can not give you a fair opinion.
I will say that the Sebenza is an awesome cutting tool which will not disappoint.
Take you time and look them both over. Either way, I am sure that whichever one you get, if you decide you don't want it, you will be able to trade or resell it very quickly.

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My experience with comparing folders from the two makers dates back to December of '93 FWIW. I had an ATCF (with G-10 handle) on layaway at a local shop. I went back to pay the balance in full and collect the knife when I spied a Sebenza (old model, ATS-34 blade) in the display case. I asked to see the knife. To make a long story short, I left with the Sebenza. The solidness of the knife and the lockup were prime factors in my changing my mind. The ATCF locked with a sproing sound while the Sebenza locked up with a beefy sounding metallic click. Both knives had the same blade material and both were, IMHO, equally sharp.

Both are excellent knives and both makers give excellent customer service. My personal preference and what I carry are a Terzuola but you cant go wrong with either.

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Scotsman,i own and carry both.
I bought the Sebenza first and would probably do it again if i had to.Both a great knives and will do anything you require of them.Simple answer is if you can afford it,get both.
Both are excellent knives. As a strict working knife, I'll take the Sebenza's integral lock over any liner lock. But there's something about a custom tactical folder from the guy who ostensibly started the current trend.

I've had 2 of both makers.I found Sebenza quality is always tops.I have one Terzuola double grind blade thats great(its sort of like half the blade has a hollow grind and
the distal half has a flat grind).The other
Terzuola folder I traded had grind lines that did'nt line up.The blade got a little loose after about a year and I did'nt use the knife for anything but cutting paper or
mostly just flicking open & closed while watching T.V. I found this to be true at knife shows.Some of Terzuola's knives are
superb but others I could'nt believe were made by the same maker.
If you get a Sebenza you know you're getting a great knife no matter where you get it from.If you get a Terzuola-I would
want to see it hands on before buying it.
My reccomendation on general principle, the Sebenza has a reputation as a great knife, and Chris stands behind it 100%. That said, however, if there is something you want changed in the design you're out of luck. With a Terzuola, even if you want a stock design, you can still have minor modifications to make your knife your knife .

Don't forget to pay your taxes...they eventually become my knives:)

I've only owned a Sebenza, but it's highest quality in this knife. Like Scarman said, it has high resale value if you decide you don't like it. Hope that helps!


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