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Sebenza's colour ?

Jul 14, 1999
I have seen many images on the internet of the Sebenza but nearly all of them are slightly different in colour.

The best ones that i have seen were the ones done by James Mattis when he was comparing it to the Pinnacle in the reviews section. In these images the Sebenza is quite light in colour. Is this colour the norm or is it darker, like the majority of internet images.


P.S - How do you add images to a post.

"You cannot sedate all the things you hate" - MM
The Sebenza is very light, the images by James Mattis show the color well.

To add an image you must first publish it as a web page. Then you link the page into your post using the proper UBB code. Try to edit this post and you will see the code and website I used to publish this image.