Seiko, Seiko 5, Pulsar... What's the difference?

Jan 27, 2002
Howdy! I'm interested in finding out if anyone knows the difference between these three brands? As I understand it Pulsar is supposed to be the "off-brand" for Seiko, where the watches are basically seiko watches. That leaves me to wonder what is the point of Seiko 5 watches. Are they better? Worse? just another "off-brand?" Anyone care to weigh in?

Seiko 5 is a model produced by Seiko. A Seiko 5 is an automatic, not quartz. It is wound by the movement of your arm. It is a real watch, not a computer.
Mike Morris
A Seiko 5 is the same quality as any other Seiko. Like vetkaw63 said, they are automatically winding mechanical watches. I have one and my g/f has one, they are nice.

Pulsar is the lesser version of Seiko. Less expensive, but not as nice.
Pulsar is to Seiko what Tudor is to Rolex.
Seiko 5 is just a model series of Seiko.