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Selling all my knives - baby on the way- let's get me out of debt

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Jan 24, 2013
Good evening, I'm putting up all the knives I don't use or have no immediate use for. I'm down sizing and want to carry a blade ( Kershaw link M390)which I will use and not super expensive also edc friendly. All are OBO and also the price is TYD

Crkt buku - lock up at 25% I took the pocket clip off and can't find it $21 shipped

Cold steel hold out II the 4 inch version in CTS-XHP solid lock up only carried $80

Benchmade 940 g-10- this blade has been shortened by the previous owner - I didn't notice it until I had sold it and the person who bought it measured it. It has been sharpened on the KME system. The reprofile on this is fantastic and I'm offering it cheap because of this - sold as is and I'm happy to send tons of pictures $120

Benchmade loco full size - carried and touched up on the Spyderco sharpmaker - I will put the pocket clip back on before shipping - great knife - $140

Benchmade mini grip drop point 20cv - $135

Spyderco matriarch FRN vg-10 - great knife made to cut and cut - $78

Buck "The Maverick" by SK blades it's a vantage with 20cv blade steel - I like it a lot but it's got to go. $75 TYD

Cold steel hold out I - tan handle with a black 6 inch plain edge blade $135

My PayPal and email are the same Andrewlynbradley1986@gmail.com

No trades unless it's for something freaking amazing.

I've also got a bark river ghost for sale in the fixed blade section soon - $135 OBO

Thank You


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e-mail sent 0n 940

I'll take the 940
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