SERE 2000 review


Jul 20, 2000
The first thing to get my attention with the new Al Mar SERE 2000 was the heftiness of this knife. The next thing was the fit and finish....OUTSTANDING. This is one fine piece of cutlery! The lock up is very secure and very smooth. The liners are thicker than most liners on other knives I have tried. Shaving sharp right out of the box. For the money, about 135.00 from Cutlery Shoppe, you will not do any better! My suggestion? order yours today, you not regret it.
Thanks for the review. I have been considering the purchase of a sere 2000. My friend Chris Christman, of , says it is a very tough knife, not to mention comfortable. He describes it as a tank. How do you think the sere 2000 compares to other knives? How are the ergonomics? For some reason the sere 2000 doesn't seem to be getting much attention on the forums.

Dennis Bible
I think "built like a tank" is very applicable. The sere fits my hand and is very comfortable. The front and rear of the grip seem to lock the knife in your hand, and the thickness of the handle really fills your hand. Again, the weight ( 6oz.) gives a good feel to the knife. Construction is by hardened stainless steel posts. There are 4 of these counting the blade stop along with a rear spacer that is constructed of stainless. I think this knife will get more play as more people take a look at it. The newer locking systems are getting a lot of press at the moment. This is one fine blade that really is "built like a tank"
Without doubt one of the best folders I have ever put in my hand for our uses. Just reviewed the piece for Tactical Knives. I'm extremely impressed. Ordered a concealex pack sheath for mine from River City Sheaths. It is now a permanent fixture on my Becker pack and has taken the lead as my primary wilderness folder. Bottom way you can go wrong with this folder. Best folder I've seen in a long time. Ordered one for each of our team members...that's how well we are impressed with it.


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Well, I ordered one based on all the recomendations. Jeff, which issue will the review be in?

Dennis Bible

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Let us know how you like your new 2000. I would be interested in hearing your first reactions to this knife. I think you are going to be well pleased with your purchase!
The mailman just delivered mine. While I dont have time right now to post a detailed review (I am running late for work), let me give a quick first impression. The quality of this knife is outstanding. I am not lying when I say that it is one of the best production knives I have seen in a while. Fit and finish are excellent. Al Mar has a real winner on their hands. Excellent value also, I would expect to pay more for a knife of this quality. And built ike a tank. Are those some thick stainless liners or what? Lock up is excellent. About the only thing I would change would be to put some mild grooves on the thumb ramp, but that is personal preferance.

Dennis Bible
Thought you would be impressed Shootist. These are very thick liners, the better to lock it up. Hope you enjoy.
The more I use it the more I am impressed! Very comfortable, very tough, and really takes an edge!

I am also considering a kydex drawpoint sheath from Mike Sastre. Here is the response he sent me: "For the SERE 2000 I've made some
Security Sheaths (backpackstraps, clinbing harnesses, etc.) and an IWB
(Drawpoint) sheath with the blade deployed. The Drawpoint sheath could also
be adapted for regular belt wear if desired. Base price for the Drawpoint in
Black or Olive Drab Concealex is $35 and comes with a reversible belt loop
with pull-the-dot snaps, that is adjustable for carry angle and edge
orientation. A "sport clip", belt plate, or TekLok is an additional $5 as is
Carbon Fiber Concealex. The Drawpoint is a "speed rig" meant to be used with
James Keating's Drawpoint Method of response to an attack. There is a minimum
of material covering the handle to facilitate grip aquisition, yet still
enough tension holding the knife in case you are in a little "rough and
tumble". Let me know what your carry needs are and I can individualize the
sheath for you."- Mike Sastre

Mike's email is

Dennis Bible
After reading the rave reviews I decided to order a order a SERE 2000. After reading about the knife's size and weight, I immediately compared it to a Spyderco Wegner. Is this an apt comparison? Ifso, it should be one sturdy knife.
The Wegner is the sturdiest knife Spyderco has built. It has a good feel even if it is alittle on the thin side. The SERE is another heavy duty folder that does fill the hand. Anthony you should enjoy this knife, especially if you like the Wegner.

Art Sigmon
Wow! If this knife is half as good as you guys say it is, I will be much impressed. Thanks for the heads up on, it saved me some price-hunting. Hehehe tomorrow's my birthday... it's not so wrong to get yourself a little something...
chief dignitary, it really is that good (to me anyway). I hope you wont be disappointed. I cant tell you how many times I have gotten excited about a knife that has been hyped and then was really disappointed when I got one. Likes and dislikes are so often based on individuality. I can tell you that alot of thought has gone into the S2K; fit and finish are really up there. I love to USE this knife, and the more I do the more I like it. If you get one please tell us what you think.

Dennis Bible
Shootist, here I am agreeing with you once again, but when you right you right. Totally agree on that thought. I too have come up disappointed when the product did not live up to the hype. But as you can see from previous posts, this WAS NOT the case with the SERE 2000. I have yet to hear anything negative about this knife. This was the first new knife I've picked up in a while that I didn,t start thinking " I wish the manufactor had done this or not done that" It was pretty much perfect as it came out of the box!

Art S.
I spoke with Gary at Al Mar today. He said that there were 2 years of planning on the S2K. It shows. He also said that he fears a backorder situation. The first two shipments are gone and they will hopefully soon have a third. Maybe I need to order another one?

Dennis Bible
been thinking along those very lines. It would be nice to have the one I have with its scratches and all,and to also have a brand new shiny one in the box! I can't go wrong at the price!!!

Art S.
Say, is the scan of the knife above of a prototype? I ask because I think I've read previously somewhere before that the production ones have blackened clips.
The clip on mine is silver.

Dennis Bible