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Sergiusz Mitin For Moderator? What Do You Think?

Dec 1, 1999

As the topic header states- Whaddya think? Sergiusz has some of the most interesting and well thought out reviews on this board. They are thorough and always contain excellent pictures. It would be cool to add some international flavor to BFC wouldn't it? Besides, he has better English skills than most of us dolts on this board. (Myself included)

Jim McCullough


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He has my vote! But more than that, he has my respect. He handles himself well in all situations showing the maturity and wisdom needed to guide a forum like this. I don't think he has any enemies and seems to be well liked by all. Anyone share these opinion?

Ron Andersen
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Why do you feel that a third moderator is necessary for this forum? I'll absolutely support the "Sergiusz is a great guy who writes good reviews" sentiment, but this forum is fairly well focused and civil on it's own, meaning that Joe and Dexter are doing a fine job already.

Again - if a third moderator was deemed necessary, I'd support the selection of Sergiusz. But I don't see where we need MORE moderation, and I haven't seen anything from Sergiusz saying that he even desires the job!

There used to be 3 Moderators for this board and I'm not sure if they were planning on replacing Cliff Stamp, but I thought I would throw Sergiusz's name into the mix. He consistantly does the best reviews and has shown that he is level headed and not afraid to jump into the fray.

Jim McCullough


Next time you feel your life is sooo tough, read this- Some American Heroes
I'm with Brian. The current moderators are doing a fine job.

I'm of two minds here. On the one hand, I'm usually firmly in the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" camp.

On the other hand, it is a little bit of a thrill to be a moderator, and rewarding excellent contributors like Sergiusz is a nice gesture.

Maybe this should go on an administrative board, but I've always felt it might be a nice idea for certain boards to have a rotating guest moderatorship, for some set amount of time, to reward the strong contributors. On the other hand (again with the hands!), as nice as it might work, it also has the potential to generate some hurt feelings, which brings me back to "it ain't broke"...

Luckily, I don't have to make these decisions!

Thanks for the reply Joe. At least we know where you stand.
I have to agree with your first point. Or was it your second hand. I think most people would agree that it is a badge of honor and also a reflection of how you carry yourself on the board. I just have a lot of respect for the man. He comes here knowing that he doesn't communicate in English as well as the rest of us, essentially opening himself up to ridicule. And yet, it is crystal clear that the man not only has a vast knowledge of knives and their uses, but can communicate it in a second language. We have a lot of people who read and post here from other countries and I think it would only serve to enhance BFC's image as an international site. This thought crosses my mind every time I read one of his reviews and I finally got around to putting it out there. He would be a fine addition to our already excellent stable of moderators.

Jim McCullough

p.s. I read and post on a number of outdoor related boards and have always been proud of the way our members treat Sergiusz. On most of the other boards they tear people up for a lot less than English skills. I guess it shows the intelligence level of the people here and is the main reason I spend most of my time at BFC.


Next time you feel your life is sooo tough, read this- Some American Heroes
While I respect Sergiusz for his contributions, and REALLY enjoy his reviews, I don't see the need for a third moderator.

I'm firmly fixed on Joe's first hand (ooooh, that didn't come out right at all, did it?
) ; don't fix it if it ain't broken.

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Hi Joe,

There is certainly nothing wrong with this forum and I feel it is quite well led. My thoughts come from BladeForums being a growing community. With a groundswell of knife fanatics growing the ranks, more leadership to guide them is prudent. You and Dexter do a great job here and are very valued. I think Sergiusz could help in broadening the leadership’s exposure and guide in knife knowledge. There may be nothing broken, but everything can be enhanced and perfected. This, of course, is an administrative decision, but I'm sure our comments will be listened to.


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I agree Sergiusz would be a great addition to the Moderating staff here. If he is interested in the job, I say give it to him. He could always help over on the General forum. Spark has his hands full keeping this place running and Para is a Moderator for both General and Community. Just my opinion.

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Hi Joe!

I think this forum is being handled very well, I also love Mr. Mitins input. While I like the idea of a 'rotating' moderator (and Mr. Mitin would be a great one!), I can see the problems this would present.

I am just as glad as you, that I don't have to decide!

Keep up the good work.

Friends, thank you for kind words and your trust!
Initially I didn't have intention to take the floor in this thread because this is not my initiative. Since indirect question - am I interested in this job - is clearly visible in some posts I feel myself owe to answer it.

Absolutely, here is nothing broken and nothing to fix! I really do not see what I could moderate in this Forum more than Joe and Dexter are doing. Here is nice and civil community and I'm sure no my effort could make it even nicer and more civil. If I understand Moderator's work properly in fact I would not have to do anything in this direction at all. On the other hand
I like a lot the job where I should really do nothing or almost nothing.
So this job would be just right for me

Now seriously. Moderator's title, especially based on your votes, would be for me some kind of evidence of your appreciation for my writings. I would take Moderator's title like honorary doctor's diploma of this community.
On the other hand, if I would see something what causes harm or offense to anyone or can destabilize this Forum or cut down it's civil level - sure, I would use my Moderator's privileges to defend this community. I'm Forum member for slightly more than year. So far only once I felt the necessity to intervene and I would do it if I would be Moderator. You can find this thread here. Thank God such occasions are so rare here that hope I would not need to do it again for many years!

To hold up with my writings at least not worse than before - this I can promise you certainly.
Thank you again, I'm honored a lot with this idea and your votes!
Sergius has my BIGGEST THUMBS UP!
He is knowledgeable, knows how to explain and uses decent language. What could we ask more?
Furthermore he has good access to out of US infos (yes, there is)
Do US a favor and say "ay".


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Hi there,

Sergiusz is a natural born knife writer. If you could only read his reviews in Polish gun & hunting magazines! All of them show deep knowledge of "the blade", sense of humor, political correctness and good understanding of knife_as_tool philosophy. He is without any doubt one of us but should be also one of them (moderators). Just my point of view.
By several of the responses here, I get the impression that the moderators are thought of as a "we/them" thing. In certain portions of BladeForums, that may be true. But in this and other more serious-oriented forums, the moderators (in my opinion) are more of an "elder brother"--someone who knows more than me and who has been-there-done-that (more than lip service).

I don't see a problem endorcing moderatorship with one from among us who has proven himself and who has earned the respect of others here in the forum. Would that position alienate him from those in this forum? I think not. There is respect for Joe and Dexter. Knowing the vast respect Sergiusz has in the forum, moderatorship would be a natural progression of his development.

As BladeForums reaches toward 10,000 members, the base of moderators must grow as well. I think Sergiusz would be an excellent addition, but an addition should be made regardless.

There is nothing broken here in this forum, but everything can be enhanced.

Hello folks,

I'm with Ron and Mr. Utzinger.

Does the fact that there are two moderators means that some-one who clearly earned it can't be moderator any more?

This forum doesn't need to be fixed, but it can be enhanced, and I don't know anyone who could enhance it even better then Sergiusz.

And should it get broken, who better to fix it then Sergiusz?

All in, being a moderator isn't really that big. But here, in probably the most popular forum... it's more a prestige thing, and I think Sergiusz earned that (probably more, but that's my opinion).

greetz, Bart.

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...three good moderators is much better then two good moderators , if "Boss"MT decide go with this option , Sergiusz is a unquestionably right person.
I get opportunity to ready plenty of his knives & guns reviews from outside of BF source and Sergiusz is definitely first class in this kind of job.

Just my 2 cents -Slaw -

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I'm lucky man! It takes me 15 min. to get Sergiusz home by car. And you can belive me that a cup of coffee with Sergiusz along with a nice knifetalk is a real pleasure.

Piter M.

BTW, we've met first time at BladeForums ;-)