Serrated Blades - “Persona Non Grata”

Nov 11, 2012
So I bid on a lefty LARGE 21 Black Micarta w/serrated blade and won... I saw a few BIN prices of $550 so when I won the acuction for only $350 I was very surprised.

Did I get an awsome deal or get stuck with a knife that has the least desirable blade style?

Would I break even if I tried to resell it here on the forum?

I see Chris Reeve no longer even has serrated listed as an option to order a knife with...

Personally i’m not crazy about serrated but thought I would try one. My collection is approaching double digits so most of the knives Left I really want to buy are “Sold Out” so I often have to be flexible if I want to add to the collection. Being a lefty makes it even that much harder.
Decent deal IMO, but not a steal. neither lefty or serrated are the most popular, but on the other hand because of this they can be hard to find. Condition will also have to be factored in.
CRK does(did) a very nice serrated blade on the large
You can still order serrated blades from CRK, but you need to call them. They do not make many of them.
I’ve got a couple and like them. Out of all the choices for a serrated blade, I like CRK the best. They’re easy to sharpen and have enough flat blade between serrations that a flat stone can be used for the whole blade.
You may be pleasantly be surprised when using it. I use mine for work and is part of my CRK rotation.
I carry two CRK. One plain blade the other a small serrated. Sometimes the serrated is just what I need.
Good job! I’ve wanted a large serrated micarta for a couple of years but haven’t pulled the trigger. Enjoy it.
I think it's a great deal too... I love the CRK serrations, and use one often.
Not a fan of serrated blades, but I think you did well there. Enjoy the new knife!