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Dec 25, 1998
I would like to get recommendations for a sharpening system. Since I am not an expert at sharpening I would like a system that is as close to idiotproof as they come. I would also like opinions on systems that will sharpen serrations. I don't care if the system can sharpen both. I don't mind buying two systems if necessary, one for serrations and on for plain edges. I am mostly concerned with the ease of the system.
I would recommend the Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker. I've been using one since May of '85. I can't maintain a proper angle on a stone to save my life. The Sharpmaker is IMHO the easiest sharpening system to use.

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The Tri-angle Sharpmaker sounds like the way to go for you. Its about as idiotproof as they come. I have a few different sharpeners and can do a decent job with a bench stone but I use the sharpmaker most often. It'll do serrated edges, its easy to set up and doesn't make a mess. The new version is coming out soon (there's a thread about it elsewhere in this forum). Might be worth the wait 'till it does. Buy either one and I'm sure you won't regret it.




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I have been using a Lansky system for a number of years now and it has performed satisfactorily. I did however chip the fine stone by dropping it so they are a bit fragile. I`m pretty sure there is an optional triangular stone available for sharpening serrations.
I would also recomend the Lansky. While the Spyderco is easier to set up, once assembled the I find the Lansky to be a more understanding of my lack of coordination. Additionally, the diamond stones provide a greader assortment of surfaces, and they do offer a serrated stone. On the down side it is more expensive particuarly if you get more/diamond stones.
EDI Knives recommends the Spydie Triangle Sharpmaker for use with our GENESIS folder. We came to this recommendation after testing many sharpening systems, and after years of personal experience. I've been using the same one, at home, for years, with no complaints.

Lots of friends ask what new knife they should buy, I tell them if they would buy a sharpmaker, they probally wouldn't need a new knife.

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As a follow up to Shootist question, it seems to me that the "quick fix" sharpeners like the Tri-Seps seem to put a quick burr on the knife and it feels sharpe but is it really?

They don't seem to really put a great edge on the knife. Is this true or am I doing something wrong?

I seem to do better with my Gatco or Lansky

If you can use a flat stone, I recommend the DMT 2-sided Diafold in fine/ex fine. These things cut so quickly that there's almost no need for anything more coarse than this for all but major re-beveling. If you are partial to the sticks, then Spydie's Sharpmaker is a fine kit for touch-ups. If you are REALLY into your knives, and want the best edge (IMO) hands down, take a look at Edge Pro systems. Absolutely Incredible edges. I sound like I work for the guy, or maybe sell them, but I don't. For a flawless mirror finished edge for a show knife or something, there's nothing better. It takes a little room and effort to set it up and a little practice to get the hang of, but well worth it. I got the Pro system just because, and its very very sturdy. Has the lever suction base on it and I set it up between the bathroom sinks on the marble top. This thing doesn't budge at all. Spendy system, but its built to last a lot longer than me (stones excluded of course). Take a look he has a page... this helps, Jeff