sharpening CS Shinobu with San Mai blade

Sep 7, 2000
I know....why is this new guy carrying a dinosaur Shinobu?

No clip no thumb stud, heavy, but I love it. I have a carrier of all 3 sizes plus mint display versions too.

Joe T's recent description of his Axis sharpening technique makes me want an Axis just to sharpen, but for now, how can I achieve better results with my straight edged san mai??? I primarily use an old Carborundum stone and/or Lanskey at 25/30 degrees. I seem to have better luck with the Carb stone, but neither seem to get the factory razor sharp effect I want.
Suggestions ? Many thanks

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BD Dave-
i also own one- purchased it after breaking points off of bucks, kershaws and others at work. for years i used ceramic crock sticks then a spyderco sharpmaker, all with various degrees of success. i began making knives several years ago (fixed blades) so i have been building my shop and have purchased an edgeco pro model sharpener- i actually changed the original bevel, especially at the tip where its so darn thick- the results are very satifying- very very sharp, even at the front of the blade. its still a very classy folder and even tho i carry one of my own fixed blades to work and play, i still carry the shinobu when i fly- the blade length is legal for most airlines and altho its been looked at ive never lost it!- anyway like i said the ceramic crock sticks kept it sharp for many years. glad to know that someone else appreciates that thick blade! good luck- chuck
changed bevel to 20 degrees using Lanskey and the knife is now very very sharp and stays that way. Thank to ChuckM for the tip.