Sharpening Question

Jul 7, 2001
Hi, How do I get a Razord edge on my knives using 2x72 grinder with a 400 grit belt???
Or am I better off using a stone??
A 400 grit belt will probably get you close, but you'll need to finish with something else.I think 400 grit is what most guys here use to set the edge, then they move on to micron belts, buffing, and stropping. I can't give you the lowdown on which belts are best or anything because I mostly use stones. I do like the green micro fine honing compound from for stropping. Its really meant to be used on buffers, but will leave a mirror polish on the edge either way.
Brad, I don't like to use the belt for anything other than the first edge. Many do however with great results. I have taken a really REALLY worn out 400 belt and put polishing compound on it. Use a fairly slack belt and don't get cattied away. You will still most likely need to do some stone or strop work to work off the wire edge. The belt method really draws the wire edge out.
I use a fresh 400 belt until I can see a nice wire edge and take the wire edge off on an elcheapo bench grinder with card board wheels and white rouge.
I'm new at knife making and sharpening, so I'm still a little scared to do much sharpening on a belt. This is the method I use, and I believe it's good for beginners because you don't risk taking too much metal off of the knife with the belt grinder.

Once I'm ready to sharpen the knife, I first grind my initial edge with a 220 grit belt. It usually takes me anywhere from two to four passes per blade side. I then use the finest file I have and make passes on each side of the blade until I get my wire edge. The file will feel like it's skating off the blade, but it is taking a little metal with it. Once the knive feels sharp I take it to the leather strap to finish it off. You should be able to shave hair now.

I hope this helps. -chris
Sorry, I left out one step....

I do take the knife to an oiled very fine stone for a few passes before moving to the strap.

I agree with Bruce on this. except I use a hard cloth wheel and green or black compound. Once you get the hang of it, it's a good edge quick. :D