Sharpening the Busse w/ceramic rod

I use a little lansky pocket ceramic stick. (It woold be classified as a fine grit) Though it is small, I am able to really get a hair popping edge on my Busse by stropping the edge on it. I also use an old chef's steel and get great results too. I have yet to really remove any metal from it to keep it razor sharp. I just use the ceramic stick to re-align the edge.


Chris Canis
Hey Frank,
I have been using my Spyderco Sharpmaker and the jury is still out. I had some damage to the belly of the blade when i was chopping some black birch and I have been reprofiling the bevel to smooth out the deformations and the Sharpmaker is doing an OK job. The flat grind doesn't seem to want to get razor sharp though and I am going to touch it up again and let you know.

Pls email me if you still have any Model 3's.

Thanks Frank



I use an 800 grit ceramic rod that came with my Apex when I need to remove a significant metal from the edge. Usually it will just respond to a stropping. If you actually deform the edge enough so that you can see the imperfection its time to break out the benchstones and grind on the flat part of the bevel.

When I have sharpened my Basic I have just freehanded it on a 8" benchstone. The angle is about 20 degrees (measured it), actually quite low. The Battle Mistress also has very small bevel angles as well.