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Shipping preferences USPS, UPS, FEDEX...

Jan 18, 1999
I just want to know what service everyone likes, and why.
I deal with the USPS, usually because they are faster.
Any bad things happen?

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail!
I tend to use UPS, or FedEx, since it's always trackable. If you look at a matrix of price versus delivery time versus accountability these two win once you get beyond letter sized stuff.

I haven't had any *real* problems(ie, lost) with USPS except they are rarely meeting advertised delivery times, the hours of service are too short, and the lines are too long compared to my local UPS/mail/packing guy.

Any specific ciircumstances you're considering?

I prefer FEDEX. Easily trackable, and unlike UPS, if you miss the delivery guy you can call them and they will come back the same day.

I haven't had anything bad happen to me with
FEDEX or UPS, just that on two occasions, USPS beat UPS to my door by 2-3 days.

If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail!
I like Fed Ex first, USPS second, and UPS third. Please try not to use AIRBORN EXPRESS, I’ve used them twice, both they missed delivery by two days that I paid $12 for. Their excuse was that there was snow in the mid-west, problem here was I was shipping from Florida to New Jersey. Never again.


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USPS Priority Mail for approx. $3 is hard to beat. Normally 2 day delivery time from California to Midwest. Very reliable. Also cannot fault UPS and love the sound of that brown truck pulling up...

For internation customers like me, what reliable courier do you advice that we use?

I ordered a catalog from KCI, they shipped it thru USPS Global Priority last Jan 29, and I received it only last March 2. Too slow.
I use USPS priority mail b/c the postoffice is very close by, and they give you boxes


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I always ship XpressPost (Canada Post) and get great results. I've had nothing but bad luck with UPS.

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UPS. I have tried all else. Fed Ex is great but too expensive. USPS is OK but no tracking and when something is lost you have to go postal to get results. UPS may screw up sometimes but there is always way to get the situation resolved.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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I agree with Mike. UPS is fine but the PO is more convenient for me.
Note: US Postal can track lost packages if they were insured at time of delivery. But a 30 day waiting period after shipping is policy. That is why I always ship insured when doing business on the forums. If you ship with no insurance, and the package gets lost then both parties will have problems, get it? How many out there are shipping without insurance??


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I learned a lesson the hard way with USPS. I sent a cashier's check from No Cal, to So Cal. I sent it by certified mail. After 2 weeks, the company still had not received the check. I went to the USPS, and was advised that they could do a search, but they wouldn't do so for 30 days after mailing.

I stopped payment of the check with my bank, which cost $15, and they advised me that my account wouldn't be credited with the amount of the check for 30 days after the stop payment.

I obtained a replacement check, and sent it by Registered mail. This has an unbroken chain of possessors, just like evidence. It costs $6, but is worth it.

With split second bureaucratic efficiency, BOTH checks were delivered the same day, about 3 weeks after the first mailing.

Use Registered mail, even for objects with no intrinsic value. Certified mail only helps you IF the object arrives, not if it gets lost.

I have used UPS and Fed Ex as well, but the PO is a lot closer and easier to use for me.

Hope this helps, Walt
Concerning USPS, I had heard that they consider sending knives an act of terrorism...

I heard, don't shoot me down too hard folks...

The USPS..Priority mail IMO is great!!When UPS was on strike they came through. I also like how they will deliver on Sat, no extra charge. But you must be there to sign I beleive? For overnite stuff the are actually cheaper and insured automatically for $500.00..Handy for knives. And in my neck of the woods, theres post offices all over, only one UPS,FED, And its far away!!

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Walt sounds like you need a new bank. I have had to cancel checks and even resend money orders before and I never had to pay to do so.

I like USPS (arimail or global priority) or FedEx depending on how expensive whatever it is I am ordering. UPS I would not touch, it causes too many problems with Canadian customs.

Very good question. Recently USPS really p*** me off. They lost one of my parcels to a friend in NY and one of his send to me! And that within the last couple of weeks!!!
Therefore: When USPS, then ALWAYS insured, otherwise you can't claim anything.
Another strange company here in CA is Transbox Systems. Our company is using them for overnight at the West Coast. It's amazing how often they screw up. We regularly get deliveries from other companies, they bill us for out of business companies, they change their phone number without letting anybody know, etc. But at least they are cheap and haven't lost anything so far.
Never had problems with FedEx.
Had too many bad experiences with UPS. I trust FedEx. One particular time, I was waiting for a knife delivery (what else). I traced the package and found out that it was already delivered! I found the UPS driver later that afternoon and the package was still in his truck! Don't relay the contents of your package. Content: knife = lost item.

Q: What do you do when you order a knife and have it sent 2nd Day Air and it doesn't arrive on the 2nd day?
A: You order the same knife and have it shipped Next Day Air. Every good knifenut knows that.


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Will USPS deliver a package to a PO Box? I know UPS won't. What about FedEx?