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Should dogs carry knives?

May 21, 1999
I’ve been thinking about how best to rig a carry system for my Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. Custom leather collar and side entry sheath, from Gary Graley, for my Sebenza? Or, should I use a harness rig with one of Chiro75’s Kydex sheaths for a neck knife? I’ve also thought about an inverted thigh holster for a Mad Dog Mini Shrike (no pun intended).

I am, however,struggling with the philosophical argument weather or not to even let my dogs carry knives. I don’t know if I can trust them to be responsible with "any" knives at all. The last thing I need is the neighbor lady knocking on my door and complaining that one of my pups was flicking my Sebenza, trying to scare one of her cats.

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The solution is to replace some of your dogs larger teeth with longer razor sharp 440V replacements.
Yes, absolutely!!!

"Every Dog Has His Day"

I have a cat that seems to have come equipped with knives.

Desert Rat

Spyderco has already taught us that "All God's Critters Have Knives".

Now, if we're talking backup here... .

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right on Bob!!
should dogs carry knives...haha they already do. they have four in their mouth about a half inch long....and boy do they hurt!! Anyways..i think i will still get a should rig for my pooch...she needs one...it's in style!
hee hee hee....

You do realize, Mountainsmith (pack maker) makes saddlebags for dogs.....just hook a belt sheath up to it!!!
Another company that makes "saddlebags" for dogs is JANDD, based in Santa Monica. I'd never heard of this company until I started working at a bike shop, but they are incredibly well-made bags. The best I have ever seen for any application, and priced right, too. I am impressed by everything this company makes, and would highly recommend you get one of their catalogs.
As far as my own dogs go, Phoenix would never carry a knife because she was too sweet, God rest her soul, but Darwin has occasionally worn my REKAT Fang. He seems to like it! In all seriousness, I would be up for designing a sheath for dog carry. Just let me know! Shouldn't be much different than anything else, really. May raise some interesting legal issues, too! "Well, officer, this is really unfair. The law specifically states I can't carry this Ninja Deathmonger Super Laser Copkiller Sword on MY person. The law states nothing about canines!"

My Custom Kydex Sheath pagehttp://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Lab/1298/knifehome.html
Palmer College of Chiropractic
On Two Wheels
OK, pup. Your under arrest of concealed carry. On your knees! ...Okay, good boy.

\(^o^)/ Mizutani Satoshi \(^o^)/
It would not be "concealed carry", would it? Unless the dog would be dressed....???
"All god's critters have knives"

Y'know the last time I quoted that to a garden slug, it just looked confused and oozed away.
Well, you say it ain't no "concealed carry", you smart pup.
Now you tell me what do you do walking outside wearing nothing but a knife?

\(^o^)/ Mizutani Satoshi \(^o^)/
I asked my dog, and she said that she would like to carry a knife, but she has a lot of trouble opening folders, and leather sheaths just taste too darn good to pass up an afternoon of gnawing.
Don't know about knives, but my dawg (who just turned 1 this week) has her own flashlight. I keep an orange photon light on her collar for when I take her out unleashed at night. You can see her a mile away...

Clay Fleischer

Slugs with knives? That’s just silly. Everybody knows that slugs can’t carry knives. The rig would just “ever so slowly” slide off. Get serious!

Slugs are not to be taken lightly. It's a little known fact outside of the Pacific Northwest, but they hunt in packs. While three or four large ones occupy your attention from the front, others sneak up and slime you from behind. It's especially gross in bare feet. I would not put it past them to carry knives, once they get a convenient carry option worked out.
Many thanks for the info regarding CCI. I’m glad to see that somebody around here is taking this topic seriously! Assault dogs are an important issue and I support their banning or at least regulating them with a seven day waiting period. However, the right to keep and bear dogs, shall not be infringed. I live in DC and around here it’s wise to keep a loaded dog in the house for personal protection.