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Sissipuukko M.95 - Finnish Ranger Knife

Mar 25, 1999
This knife born out of a wish to make a good
Finnish knife for the armed forces.

A main design point was that the first
business of a knife is to cut well. For
this reason, it's not made of stainless
steel, but forged carbon steel.

A second point was that it should be easy
to carry, held securely in the sheath,
also for upside down carry, and accessible.

The belt loop, which you fasten against
itself with velcro (which is always against
your body, so it won't come open by mistake),
can be removed and put around the leather

The knife is retained by a roller with rubber
flanges which engages the guard. To draw the
knife, you put your thumb against a piece of
square plastic rivetted to the the sheath and
pull. This seems quite practical, as there is
no snap fastener (or anything on the knife
handle) which easily gets stuck on something
and loosens the knife. Sits tight, so I can't
just shake the sheath to bring the knife loose,
but I guess you could hold the sheath near
the tip and swing it hard enough to dislodge
the knife.

Weight: 210 g
Sheath: about 140 g
Length: 280 mm
Blade thickness: 5 mm at the widest

I think this is a good blend of the traditional
working knife and the modern. The blade has a
very good shape and size for jobs like cutting
and chopping, then plastic handle feels
comfortable both when I hold it close to the blade
for cutting or near the other end for chopping,
and it gives me a secure grip if my hands are
wet and slippery even though it's not soft like
a rubber handle.

This knife sort of gives a feeling that it wants
to be used, so I predict I'll use it a lot from
now on. I haven't had it very long, so I can't
give any long term durability report, but so
far I like it well enough.

<A HREF="http://www.canit.se/%7Egriffon/diverse/knives/sissipuukko_m95.html">

Photos here</A>.
Det var en scysst recension!
/Kusin Kanel

Tea drinker and hellraiser from Northern Sweden, above the arctic circle.

This knife looks fantastic. Nice size, puukko-style blade, but with a handle that has a bit of a guard. A few questions:

- Is the grind a full flat grind from the spine, or is it the typical Scandanavian grind (single-bevel sabre grind)?

- The information mentions carrying it upside down. How is the knife locked into the sheath? In the picture, I didn't notice any positive lock, it looks like they're relying on sheath friction to keep the knife in the sheath, which definitely means upside-down carry is a no-no.

- Any idea what the steel is?

- Uh, who makes this thing again?

- For that matter, what's it cost?

That name, "Sissy puke-o" is a real attention getter. A kid would have to grow up tough with a name like that!

David Rock

Click on the picture and you'll go to a site where some of your questions are answered.

David Rock

Thanks for the info! A very nice looking basic, simple, useful field knife.

Cannot see... Tears in my eyes... I'm laughing out LOUD... Thanks, David!

But the product in itself is very good and the sheath extremely innovative.


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The blade is flat from the spine to the edge.

It's not held by friction, to pull it out you have to compress the rubber flanges of the roller.

The maker is J-P Peltonen. (<A HREF="http://www.canit.se/%7Egriffon/diverse/knives/spm95-contact.gif">Contact information from the leaflet</A>.)

I've found two places on the web which sells it for FIM 370, but I've heard the regular price in Sweden will be more than that.

Pronounciation of "puu" should be closer to "pooh" as I understand it...

One thing I forgot to mention is that there's an optional diamond hone you can have glued to the side of the sheath. I opted out of it.

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For clarification to non-Finns: this knife is not an issue knife of the Finnish Armed Forces. It is a private venture designed for military use, and some individual military persons, conscripts and reservists have bought it. Actually there is no official issue military knife in Finland, and most bring one of their own choise with them. I am a Finnish Army Reserve officer and I've seen all kinds of knives in Reserve excercises, mostly puukkos of different styles and lengths. In times of tight military budgets buying knives is very low in order for the military decisionmakers since every Finnish male owns at least one knife. Ossi
The more I look at it, the more I love this knife.

Griffon, how well does the sheath hold upside-down? If you shake hard will the knife fall out, or is it really totally locked in? Not that this is a big buying point for me, but I'm curious.

I couldn't locate a price. Does anyone have an idea on how much? I hope the price wasn't hidden somewhere obvious, you know, like under a heading of PRICE.
It's the same in Sweden: Most military units aren't issued knives, and in case of mobilisation you're supposed to bring your own. The military knives used to be nothing but rather cheap, but good, "mora" knives (Frosts or Eriksson), like the one at the bottom of
<A HREF="http://www.chaicutlery.com/frosts-sweden.html">this page</A>, but with guards, nowadays updated to the plastic handle version I guess, for those who got a knife at all. (Divers must have had something else.) Nowadays the F1 is part of aircrews' equipment.

Upside down carry: I'm not strong enough to shake it out of the sheath, nor slamming the hand against a table to get it out, so while I haven't tested, I don't think it will come out if you jump. I can hold the sheath near the tip and swing it hard enough to throw the knife.
This is the same knife featured in the old "Tactical Puukko" -thread. I'm glad Griffon came up with a picture, since I felt this knife isn't getting all the attention it deserves. Way to go, Griffon!

Folks, I'm with Joe... great looking piece. I picked up an urban puukko from James Mattis to get an idea of how well this general design works for me. It did and they do
. The piece shown here looks to be a great one.

Anyone know who carries it in the USA and at what price?


I did NOT escape from the institution! They gave me a day pass!

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I talked to the folks at Kellam Knives today. They'll be importing the Sissipuukko to the USA, starting this summer. I'll have them up on my web page in the fullness of time. MSRP somewhere between $140 and $175.

James, as usual you are on top of things
! Looking forward to seeing this one become available at Chai!


Be sure to let us know when you get 'em in! I need^H^H^H^Hwant one! (I've been informed by the knife that I don't "need" any more knives).