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Slim Stiletto for sale!

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Dec 10, 1998
This is a great slim stiletto. The bolsters are silicon bronze that have been etched and are developing a patina. The liners have been anodized bronze. The screws have been heat colored. The mammoth ivory is some of the nicest that I have used. It is black with some crackling. Precise fit, finish and precision lockup.
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Knife Info
Full Length 8-3/16 inches
Blade Length 3-5/8 inches
Blade Material Eggerling Mosaic Damascus
Handle Material Presentation grade black Mammoth ivory
Bolsters/Guard Bolster is Silicon Bronze, titanium liners
Knife Price $575
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Very nice piece Chuck!:thumbup: I love the Damascus Pattern. Awesome Black mammoth. Don't recall seeing anything that dark
Chuck----This is one sweet package. There has to be at least one discretionary buyer out there.
That is so beautiful,does the blade lock in the open position?