small folder for skinning and farm chores (under 3" blade) ?

Nov 2, 1999
Hi all - I'm new to the forum and to quality knives.

Several months ago I got some good advice from Dexter Ewing (using his email link on another web site). He recommended a Spyderco Tim Wegner for my three month trekking trip to Nepal. I only wanted to carry one knife. And what a great knife it is! Sturdy, versatile, well suited to daily chores, and, I guess, good in a survival situation (drop-point, reasonable belly).

Now I need to buy another knife. This one's for a friend in who lives on a bush-block farm in New Zealand. He always carries a fixed-blade on his belt for heavy cutting work. I want to buy him a small folder(blade less than 3" - closer to 2.5" might be better) knife to complement it. He grows flowers in commercial quantities along the river flats so he cuts a lot of string, thin polythene sheeting and plastic ties. He would want a blade that could be used as a skinner, especially for rabbits and possums. The knife will probably get treated pretty rough too. It doesn't have to be a Spyderco - if someone wants to recommend another brand, that's fine with me.

And all this for under, say, US$60 ???

Look foward to any suggestions you can make.

PS: Dexter, recently tried that link on The Knife Center again, but got some strange message about some kind of server problem - don't know if got through or not.

How about the discontinued Wegner jr. ? that may be a little over your budgeted amount. If you have to stay within your budget I would recommend the Spyderco Native.


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Hi Nightingale, I have many different styles of knives by Frost and Chipaway Cutlery. I have a website at A catalogue is available on request with many more styles of folding lock backs like you are lookig for.
I second the recomendation for the Wegner Jr. If you shop the BF Knives for Sale forum you can stay very, very close to your budgeted amount. It sounds to me like it's the perfect knife for your specifications. If not, I really like the Spyderco Rookie, either in stainless or G10. Not sure if the price fits, but I got mine on Ebay for under $50.
>> I have many different styles of knives by Frost and Chipaway Cutlery.

Oh come on, the guy said he wanted a dependable knife he could get out and use in a situation where his life may depend upon it. Not a fancy peice of junk that he could hang on wall and show off to all his friends on show and tell day.

Unit for unit, I sell as many Frosts as the next guy, and they put some nice german steel in some of their folders and I do like Japan knives. But I would never suggest one as a serious survival tool. If you want a knife that is dependable, you have to go with a knife made by Americans, for Americans. Those guys over there are not dumb, they are not going to make a knife and sell it to us, that they would want us to have in our hands if we ever got into it with them again. They most likely laugh about how those fancy toys would crumble if anyone ever really needed it to depend upon. They are made for people who buy 50 or 60 of them, and never use any one of them enough to really give it a good test. Not for someone who is lookin for one good knife that well stand the test.