Smith and Wesson neck knife

Dec 14, 1998
Yes I have seen the Smith and Wesson Neck knife about 5 months ago.

I guess I should be smiling for the knock off of the Krait neck knife :}, but It stopped Outdoor edge from producing my version of the knife.

Les Robertson is handleing the REAL Krait Neck knife. It is made well and cuts well.
No Whistle on it either hehehehhehe . The Smith has a whistle . It Blows~~~~~

This kind of thing happends when folks like the design I guess. I am not connected to this Smith and Wesson knife in any way and was not paid a royality :{. They just produced the design without permission.

I think Kit Carson had a go around with the fellow who does there designs also. Same type of situation.

Cant win them all I guess...

Here's a pic of the real thing ..
Web Site At
Take a look!!!

Web Site At
Take a look!!!

I just compared pictures of the two. Bummer!

I was considering the S&M neck knife because of the price. After comparing, I wouldn't take it for free. They will probably sell a lot of them though.

It's not right!
On the positive side:

Imitation is the best form of flattery.

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There was an earlier thread about them copying the benchmade 3500. Is there nothing that can be done about this? I cant believe that Smith and Wesson would stoop so low.


One thing we can do about this is not to purchase knives from the S&W line. That's a shame, as some of the original pieces are decent knives for the buck, but they brought this upon themselves. Also, contacting S&W themselves might help, as they do not make these knives and I feel they are a good and honest company that might not realize the origins of some designs bearing their logo.

For what it's worth, I have already funded this bad business with the purchase of a SWAT knife (which is not itself a copy). If you are thinking of buying one, I'd rather they didn't receive money for another sale, so contact me and I will send you mine. It's a little used and the satin finish is now semi-polished, but it's free and you won't be supporting a company that steals designs.

(Alright, someone took me up on the offer, so please don't contact me about it further. Contact me if you'd like recommendations for similarly priced alternatives to the SWAT from more scrupulous companies, though


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Bad business. Could someone post their corporate information so that interested parties may contact them regarding the matter?

Darrel, I am very sorry to hear that this has led to a direct loss to you. This is the kind of thing that people overlook when bargain hunting and deciding to purchase a stolen and compromised design. That very real people suffer directly from these actions. You have lost a potentially lucrative contract that could have allowed your ideas and creativity to provide for yourself and family for long to come. It has been done by a major American corporation with resources that could easily prevent an individual from challenging them in court over such a gray area as design concepts. Your frustration must at times be overwhelming.

I will of course support you in the small ways that I can. I will contact Smith and Wesson in regards to the matter, and inform them that I will not be purchasing products from any retailer selling their line. I will check the online retailers that I have bookmarked to see if they carry the line. I will then contact them to let them know my decision and the reasons why, and then edit them from my bookmarks.

I probably couldn’t do this for every product that has harmed an original designer, but I can when it has happened to someone that I know and respect.

Thanks for the support!
I just want to say I am glad there are honest production companies in the knifemaking industry . To name a few David Bloch Outdoor Edge, Les Roberstson Robetsons custom Cutlery Sal Glasser Spyderco,
and im sure a long list of other folks. I know that David Bloch is working on a project with others to try to stop this kind of design infringment from invading our market.
Thanks for your supprort once again.

Web Site At
Take a look!!!

I asked the Taylor Cutlery people at the Blade Show if they had consulted with Darrel on the design for this knife. I was not treated kindly thereafter!
I discussed this in an earlier thread (maybe soon we will be able to search for it). I don't want to buy anything from people that make KKK knives anyway.

Keep up the good work Darrel, there could be a Fury knockoff of the Appogee next year.

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I am not sure what to think of S&W. According to a post of Dexter Ewing's in another thread, S&W licences their name and logo out to Taylor Cutlery, who actually produces the knives. I would like to think that S&W is unaware of what is going on but I am not to sure (Sigma series pistols). If you really want to tell S&W what you think about the situation I have found an e-mail address for them, it's "". I would encourage everyone who writes though to express your opinions respectfully and tactfully. And if you are serious about not buying their products if something is not changed then tell them. Otherwise this type of thing may continue to happen.


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sorry to hear that S&W ripped your knife design off. I wouldn't have bought any of the S&W line anyway, and I never will now. I know how much work goes into getting a knife design to work. Maybe you can't do anything about them taking your design, but what can your lawyer do?

I've wondered for a while why such a respected company lke S&W licenses their trademark for such low quality merchandise? Do they need money that bad? If so that's pretty sad. And pretty low.


Well, I just sent my 2 cents to Smith and Wesson. I think it is a huge DISGRACE that they are allowing themselves to be a part of all of this. Darrel.. I am truly sorry for what S&W/Taylor Cutlery has done to your design. I do believe tho..what goes around .. comes around.. the karma thing...
Man, I wish that I'd seen this thread earlier. It would have prevented me from buying the S&W and I surely wouldn't have posted that darn review I did.

Darryl, please accept my apologies for not only buying one of these ripoffs, but for posting a good review as well. I'll be calling Robertson later today to see if I can buy one of the real ones.



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I'm very happy to see this post resurface as the original in August was before I joined. One important reason for joining was the knowledge of many forum members. I've been interested in and collected knives for years so obviously know more then the average joe. However I was astonished to see some of the people who regularly post here-knife makers,distributors,owners,etc.I pay particular attention to a post by Darrel Ralph or Sal Glessar because they are in the business and I've learned alot already.
I had some mild curiousity about this knife but now you couldn't pay me to get one.

Here is the toll free number for Smith & Wesson customer service if you want to voice your comments to a person. Or if you've ever dropped your drawers and sat on a copy machine this number might be more useful.
FAX 1-413-747-3317