Smith & Wesson "Jogger" Neck Knife

May 13, 1999
Review deleted by Codeman's request - D. Ewing

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I have the same knife in brushed(not black) finish, with a drop point,and is not marked in the same manner. I like it a lot and it is one heck of a value in a neck knife.You have covered the fine points much better than I could.My one real gripe: I hate that damned whistle! Why, oh why couldn't they have stopped when they were ahead? I know that it is theoretically for joggers, but I hate wearing a sheath that would be at home in a Cracker Jack box!Seriously, though, I intend to get one like yours just to have the set.

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The whistle sounds like a great idea that may negate the "Spec Ops" logo on the blade. Flat krylon wil work fine for you, and the whistle makes it a "Jogger's" weapon.

S&W is also by far a cop's gun and that will perhaps keep you o the side of right even more should worst come to worst.

Thanks for pointing this out. Had I known this beforehand, I would not have bought the dadblame thing, much less post a review.

I'm off to make amends and buy one of the real things.


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