Smoking Hole Knives?

Feb 13, 2000
I'm curious if anyone currently owns a Smoking Hole knife? What do you think of it? I'm very much interested in the folder they make, the Mantis. The knife looks like a good design. Has there been any reviews done on these knives? Thanks.

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I have one (actually I guess it would be two) of the Chaos neck knives. Excellent design and execution. Aaron's knives are very high tech, and not for everyone, but if the design is what you like, then I think you'll be happy with the finished product.

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Thanks nyeti for your response. Those neck knives do look pretty cool. However, I'm into folders and that's why the Mantis caught my eye. It's got an interesting blade design.
The Mantis was not exactly my cup of tea, but it is a beefy well executed design. Aaron is also a hell of a nice guy, and is very willing to work with his customers to get the desingn to fit their needs-good luck, it sounds like you'll enjoy it.

He who advances is sure of heaven-He who retreats of eternal damnation.
I bought a Mantis folder last year after a 3 month wait. It was well worth the wait. It is a well made HEAVY DUTY folder. The liners and liner lock are around.130. Blade grind is different but well done. Overall quality is very good for a production knife, IMO.
I agree not very functional as an everyday utility knife, but it is nice addition to my collection.
Just spent three days in a class (and a hotel room) with Aaron. He has a much smaller version of the folder now. It is a heavy duty piece, but is still concealable. I picked up a pirahna and some trainers from him. He does some very unique work, and isn't trying to copy everyone else out there. Good luck.
Thanks nyeti and Moree for the replys, I'll keep him in mind. Nyeti, do you have any specs on the downsized version of the Mantis? I'll check his website to see if it's listed.