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Microtech Socom Elite Tanto

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Jun 3, 2018
The blade on this knife is made of stonewashed M390 and the handle is black anodized aluminum. This knife is serial numbered 136 and was made in 02/2018. The blade is centered and has its factory edge. This knife has been carried once but not used. The action on this knife is fast and smooth, the blade will drop shut due to the weight of it. Looking for $235 f&f or $245 g&s, shipping included.


The first to say "I'll take it" followed up with payment within the 2 hour will get the knife. Please know your local knife laws. I am not responsible for any problems that the knife may cause you once it is sold. I have the right to sell to whoever I choose. Thank you for looking!
Thanks Jake. I'm currently working on selling my blade for funding my next purchase. Once that is done I can check back to see if it is still available I asked about manual since I live in what I call the People's Republic of Maryland.
No problem, and doesn't seem like this post has gotten much interest yet so it quite possibly will be available by then. I know what you mean :/ I live in Cali so basically can't have much of anything if its automatic.