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SOCOM M/A, Sebenza, KFF ...Just got em!

Nov 16, 1998
What a surprise to me, got all of these yesterday!

My first impressions were:
The Large Sebenza, a little too short and thin but one heck of a built knife. The integral locks up the blade very solid.

The KFF, a little disappointed in the size. Expected it to be a little heftier, but still it is one tough built knife.

The SOCOM M/A, I love it! From the tip of the blade to the handle, wall to wall perfection in the way it is built. I am most impressed with this knife out of the three! The overall size of the knife, it's me. I like the black clip blade it supports. Makes the knife, as far as cosmetics go. MicroTech went all out with this one. Time will tell as far as the blade holding up. The 154 CM steel that I am unfamiliar with seems very sharp, indeed.

Cost wise, the SOCOM M/A is the best for the money.

That's about all for now, I just got them and this is my first impression of these 3.

Time will tell as far as how they hold up in the long run.

< Doug >


Mark, I purchased a SOCOM M/A this weekend also. It has the black, semi-serrated clip-point blade. You're right about the quality and workmanship of this knife. It's awsome!

I think the 154-CM is merely an American equivilent to ATS-34, if I'm not mistaken. You're right about it being sharp - I've already sliced a finger.