SOG 440a rust resistance

Apr 7, 1999

Some may recall my broken mini pentagon. I snaped the tip after stabbing a piece of wood. However bad that may be, I took the oportunity to test the rust resistance of the steel, and I am impressed with the results so far. Seeing as how this is the same coated 440a used on the Seal knives some of you may find the results reassuring. The blade was left in a large cup of water for five days. I do not have Mass Spec data, or electrolite info, or the acidity of the water I used, but if the dorm's toliet pipes are any indicator, this water rusts things fast. However as you can see from the scans there is virutally no rust at all on the blade. The black box circles the only tint of rust on one of the serrations, but other than that the knife is completely rust free after 120 hours in a tap water submersion. I will next add enough salt to saturate the water, and retest the blade to simulate corrosive conditions worse than, or at least equal to ocean water. I am not sure about the exact chemistry behind rust formation, but I have a hunch rust would form faster if the blade was exposed to higher levels of oxygen like for example if it were left in a damp leather sheath rather than submerged under water. Anyway, I will post the salt water tests in five days.

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Hi General,

I understand that you have a SOG Mini Pentagon with a broken tip. Though broken tips are not always covered under warranty, some considerations would allow us to warranty a knife in this condition. The one applying here would be the newess of the condition of the knife. From the picture, it looks really new. If that is that case, I would take that into consideration when evaluating your knife...assuming you would return it to SOG for warranty evaluation.

Please give me a call. Warranty replacement is a possibility for your knife.

Ron Andersen
888.SOG.BEST, ext. 228

Man, Ron you are relentless when it comes to customer service--and that's a good thing in my opinion. When I got the knife a couple months ago, I gave a review and said that the serrations came a bit dull. You contacted me through email and offered to have it fixed. I was able to sharpen it myself though, and now after I broke the tip in a tree, you still offer to take a look at it. Never once did I take the initiative to contact you, and still your SOG warranty keeps making itself known. I commend your level of dedication to the customer. However perhaps you missed the third picture above...I also cut the handle off so that I could see the tang, and if that doesn't void the warranty, I don't know what does. I don't want to take advantage of you guys since I have pretty much attempted to reduced your product to its ingredients through my curiosity. So far though, turning your steel into Fe2+ has not worked.
Anyway I have never seen customer service like yours--keep up the good work.

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Boy, is my face red!
Yes, I did miss that picture. Nice tang you have there!

It's my job to please the customers. If you want to give me a call anyway, there is a chance I might be able to do something.