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SOG Crosscut vs. Leatherman Micra

May 25, 1999
It may seem trivial to compare a $20 - $25 item, but opinions on these mini-tools would be appreciated. Haven't heard too much about the Crosscut, but have heard that the Micra is prone to rust and sticky scissors. Everyone seems to love the Micra anyways.

I do have a preference for the toothpick on the Crosscut

Thanks in advance for the feedback..

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I have th micra and it's fine for me. I rarely use it since I usualy just need to cut something so I use my sebenza. I do need a phillips head once in a while and the crosscut doesn't have one why I don't know.
I have a micra and I really like it. I have had no problem with rusting. I was thinking about getting the mini master. The Knifecenter has a page for them:http://www.knifecenter.com/knifecenter/utica/minimaster.html

Check it out. It has more features and is cheaper. I have a multimaster from the same company. The quality is good.
I had mini-master. I was unimpressed. None of the tools were particularly impressive, least of all the scissors. The Micra is a much higher quality tool.

Also, check out the Swiss Tech Utilikey. It is a great tool to have in addition to a micra.

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There was a discussion about this about a year back or even further (before the forums split). Of the people who had both, all preferred the Micra. I don't quite remember why. One reason was the Micra scissors seemed to work much better, as I recall. But there were others too.

Don't overlook the Victorinox mini-champ. It may not be as "cool" but I've stopped carrying my Micra in favour of this little beauty.

One of my biggest complaints with the Micra (which seems to be the highest quality of the mini-multitools) was that the sliplock was way too week. All I had to do was look at it funny and it would fold. Granted, it couldn't fold completely but it was still frustrating trying to use the phillips or flathead tools.

The mini-champ II has two blades plus a ripping type "safety" blade, a small but "real" phillips head, scissors that are "big enough" for small tasks, and tons of other usefull tools including a small ballpoint pen.

My $.02

I have owned both and prefer the Micra.

It seems to be better made and holds up to more punishment than the SOG.

God bless!

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