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SOG Folding pentigon?

Nov 28, 1999
Attention all opinions! A am in the market for a new knife and I am leaning toward the SOG folder pentigon. I really like the dagger style blade, since I like boot knives so much this is no surprise. This would be my first purchace from them, should I? Are they made well, and do they stand behind thier products? Thanks for any advice.

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You may already know this but there is a small review of the Pentagon Elite in the January issue of Tactical Knives. Other than that, I can't help you beyond observing that it is a great-looking knife and I think SOG has a good reputation.
SOG has an excellent reputation for heat treating their stainless steels very well. Their 440A stainless steel knives hold their edges quite well.
I traded a tomahawk for one and, it is not bad to use, it is light weight, the only down side is that it is tip down carry.

but all in all it is a really nice knife