SOG Gentleman knife


Apr 28, 1999
I am doing a little sharpening on the side after work and one of the knives I sharpened today was a SOG Gentlemans knife. It has a 440C blade and it was very easy to sharpen and took a razor edge with my Lanksy kit in about 5 minutes, if that. It is used for utility purposes by someone who works with a tree company and it looked like it had some heavy use. It is a very solid knife and the lockup is very tight and rock solid, no play in any way. Also, after a little cleaning and oil, it opens really easily and smooth. I can open it and with the knife open and vertical with the tip up, I can push in the lock release and it will just flip closed. I can just push in the lock release and flick it to open it, as long as the blade is out a little. Now I just have to warn the owner that it is a lot faster and sharper than it was and to watch out! Not bad for a $40 knife!