Sog Trident- a well made production knife

Sep 14, 1999
The Sog Trident, which bears the mark of the elite Navy SEALs, is a production blade, made from 440C stainless steel, has a stainless steel hilt, butt cap, and spanner nut to hold on the black micarta handle, which is made of seperate "laser cut" micarta pieces.
I bought the knife as more of a show blade, but decided to run some tests on it. I would not trust the blade to hold my weight (ala Mad Dog ATAK) but the blade is heavy (.280 thick) and ground to be sharp. It is holds a deep hollow ground which is, IMHO, an excellent cutting knife if the matierial is soft (i.e. flesh). This knife also has a slight, and I mean slight blade heavy feel to it. I like this blade heavy feel because it allows me to move the blade very quickly in my hands. I can do a role transition from sabre grip to reverse grip very quickly and the blade, being only 6 1/4" long, is not a threat to my precious forearm or fingers. I have had accidents in the past where longer blades (8+") have decided to "bite" me during such quick transitions.
I like this knife. I love a deep hollow grind on a knife likt this because I am not going to use it to cut tree branches down or clean a deer (although I'll bet I could clean a deer with it). This knife is pure killer. In the word of my father, the now owner of the Sog Trident, "THis is a G#d d##med pig sticker!"
That about does it.
I have on order a Randall Made Model #16-7" SP#1 Special Fighter with Border patrol handle and a custom made, cut down #1 style hilt, to make it handle like the Sog Trident. If what they say is true, my new Randall will have all the greatness of the Sog Trident and be all handmade...beautiful. I will not, however, be able to post my results for sometime. The Randall will be a gift from my fiancee and parents for graduating MCRD and that will not be done until Easter.