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SOG Tsunami-A combat or utility knife???

Apr 27, 2000
Unknown to me, I don't know what to use the Tsunami for, it seem that I can't use it for anything,it's suppose to be designed for combat but on the other hand, it's too weak to be for combat!!! I think it's a real waste of time
Tennessee, in my opinion SOG Tsunami is clearly dedicated combat knife instead of their Northwest Rancher, which is all-around utility fixed blade.

Now tell me please what sense are you putting into the term "combat knife" and what are you going to fight with SOG Tsunami? I can agree, it would be somewhat too weak to fight tanks or even medieval warriors protected with whole-forged body armors. But it is more than enough strong to make a harm unarmored human body.
Also, please do not confuse close combat with blade-against-blade dueling. You have no chances to use your knife handguard as parrying device. So the single purpose of handguard is to protect your hand against sliding onto the blade when stabbing. The most modern real world knives (not "cool-looking-death-killing-dream-fighters"
) come with minimal handguards or even without handguards at all. Tsunami's handle fits hand securely and firmly enough to make large handguard redundant, so it is made with very minimal steel one. Please take in consideration that medieval Japanesse Tanto knives, which Tsunami is following, was also made with very minimal handguards or without them.

Sergiusz Mitin
Lodz, Poland
Speaking of tantos, they are one of the strongest blades made. and the shape is known for it's armor piercing abilities.