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Benchmade SOLD* Benchmade Bugout 535GRY-1


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Sep 21, 2018
I just got bought this as BNIB from a trusted seller here. Flawless knife, with excellent centering (maybe juuust a hair to the clip side after I fine-tuned the pivot), no blade play, and perfect Axis lock action (again, after I fine-tuned the pivot).

I was going to get aftermarket scales for this one, but ended up trading for a Benchmade Anthem, and geez, that knife really puts the lotion in the basket for me (heh-heh). So, keeping (somewhat) to my new year's resolution of retaining only the number of knives that fit comfortably in my new Massdrop EDC case, the Bugout is now officially a catch-and-release.

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There was someone upset about wanting a Bugout and getting no love in the wtb section.

I’ll take it for JLVL
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Yeah, I PM'd and emailed the person in question a few days ago, telling him that I was planning to sell this. Actually, I was the one that grabbed it right before him. Felt bad about it, after I saw his "no-love-in-wtb-section" thread.
Ok. If he doesn’t want it, I’ll take it. I’m in no hurry if you’re not. Just let me know.
It’s nothing. You are doing more than I am and I appreciate it.
I don't remember seeing buyer and seller watching out for someone like this before. Very cool :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I hope JVL is watching the board and can get his Bugout.:D
JLVL just replied thanking us and said he managed to get his Bugout already.