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SOLD Civivi Stratera NIB


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Sep 21, 2018

Just got this in brand-spanking new yesterday, as I had really wanted to check out a Civivi knife. Well, I can attest that everything that's being said about Civivi is true. Seriously mind-boggling quality for the price point. The action is amazing, with snappy detent/opening and the slightest shimmy/shake to make it fall shut.


P.S. The other reason I got this is that I also wanted a black & gold color-themed knife, as a die-hard member of the WHO DAT Nation, and this Civivi just doesn't quite get it for me in that regard, which is why I'm selling it and continuing the search for a black & gold beauty. May look into some custom scales....
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Civivi Praxis is available in black w gold liners if you dont mind the steel althou it had done well in cut tests by pete from cedricand ada.
Yeah, it was a flip of the coin between the Praxis and the Stratera when I pulled the trigger on this last week. The gold-anodized color liners seems to be the same in both knives and just aren't quite right for what I'm looking for. OCD, I know.
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For what it's worth, I just picked up a Chaparral in FRN that I'm gonna Rit Dye to my Packers colors on a nice gradient. I could see something like that looking sweet in Saints colors too!

More on topic, Civivi is awesome. I picked up a Baklash and it made me buy my first We Knife 2 days later. Can't go wrong picking up this gem.
By the way, your BF message inbox is full.

TX Hill Country trip was awesome. Weather kinda sucked, but cabin had a fireplace and....well, nevermind . Life is good!