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SOLD Doug Ritter RSK Mk1 S30V (552-400)


British Pork
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Dec 26, 2006
SOLD thank you

Doug Ritter RSK Mk1 S30V (552-400)

This is the original release of the RSK Mk1. I bought it from Knifeworks via Doug's site.

Asking $215 all-in to the USA - PP goods, tracked & insured.
Offers welcome but no trades.

The knife is in very good, hardly used condition. When I received it I polished and stropped the edge and used it a few times to test it out; making feather sticks and whittling. It was probably carried a few times in a rucksack, but that's all. I always carry a fixed blade and never got into using a folder for outdoors stuff.

Since then the knife has lived in its bag in my knife drawer, and occasionally taken out and fondled, flicked open, and admired.

The blade is in excellent condition, practically as new apart from me polishing the edge. Axis lock functions as it should, and is a pleasure to open and close. The clip and some of the black coated screws have slight wear to the edges. Not sure how it managed this since it was never carried enough to wear it (and I don't clip knives to my pockets anyway). I might have adjusted the main pivot tension because the screw looks like it has had a tool inserted (the correct tool, mind you). The bag and box are a little worn from storage, but still good.

So, overall the knife is not a safe queen but is in excellent used condition.

The photos are high resolution, please take a close look to see the great condition the knife is in.

The knife is in the UK and the asking price includes tracked and insured postage to the USA. Elsewhere might need the price adjusting but I'll ship anywhere I can do tracked/insured. A UK sale could be cheaper, obviously.

Please note that I will not be held responsible for loss if the knife is seized by the buyer's customs; please make sure it is legal to import and own an axis lock knife. If you want me to tighten down the pivot to prevent easy wrist-flick opening, let me know, but it's still on your head to import it :)

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