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(SOLD) Dragon Themed Pen - Turqoise Box Elder Burl - Pewter Hardware


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Feb 1, 2012
Up for sale is a handturned Turquoise Box Elder Burl Dragon themed Pen finished with Pewter Hardware.

This is a very beautiful piece of Exhibition Grade stabilized burl that looks like a satellite photo of the oceans in Turquoise Blue - if you use your imagination. I've tried to show the finish and the beauty of the wood in the photographs.

It was friction polished and has a nice satin look to it. It is equipped with a Parker style refill and uses a twist mechanism that is very smooth. This is a heavy pen and comes in a little over six inches long.

This pen is SOLD shipped to your confirmed US paypal address. I use paypal goods and services. In support of bladeforums, Gold level members and above will receive a 10% discount.

Thanks for looking.

Dr (2).jpg

IMG_0853 (2).jpg

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