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Sold : Ebony Friction Folder

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Nov 11, 2002
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Hiroaki Ohta Custom FK5 Ebony Friction Folder

Hi! I’m the original owner of this knife. Has a nice ebony handle. It does not come with a box, just the pouch as shown. Never carried or used. I hadn’t owned one before and it’s just not for me is all. I took the pics outside trying to catch the grain of the ebony. It does have some nice streaking to it. At least to my eye. It’d be a nice little dressy knife.

Any questions or more pictures, just ask. :)

I will cover pp costs and shipping charges. Message me for the PayPal address if you want the knife.

$50 shipped. Let’s try $45 shipped....:) And sold...thank you BF

US sales only please. Thanks! Joe

Description from the ‘net:

The Japanese Higonokami folding knife is a very traditional pattern, entirely designed for functionality and simplicity. Trademarks of a Higonokami folding knife is a friction folder (non-locking) build with a blade extension that can be pressed down on when the knife is in the open position for added security. This is knifemaker Hiroaki Ohta's version of this very traditional Japanese design - we commissioned this build in ebony and D2 steel.

The blade steel on the FK5 model is D2 steel with a two-tone finish, the hollow grinds are a brushed satin finish and a dark black finish on the flats. The edge on this 2" blade is razor sharp thanks to the D2 steel and the thickness of the blade grinds.

The handle on this Ohta friction folder is a presentation grade ebony wood; a material known for its rugged durability along with its timeless look. The entire knife only weights .7 oz so it will not weight down your pocket carry. This knife has several upscale finishes with a polished pivot and lanyard hole.

Carry this custom made knife with pride, it comes in a specially made black leather slipcase.

ARTIST: Hiroaki Ohta
TOTAL SIZE: 5 1/2"
HANDLE: Presentation Grade Ebony Wood
WEIGHT: .9 oz.
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Hi there Joe.

I will take this.

If you could pm me your PayPal addy and I will send you my friends address in the States. Please allow for a slight delay it’s 10.15 at night here - bed time :)

Many thanks
Many apologies - I did not check on it. Yes it’s still here. I’ll pm the addy.

Again, sorry!