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**SOLD** EMERSON CQC-7B Wave BT PE BNIB with freebie thown in!


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Mar 19, 2000
EMERSON CQC-7B Wave BT PE Brand New In Box $130 shipped CONUS
FREE to buyer of the Emerson will be the mini CQC-7 knock-off, combo edge.

***SOLD*** COLD STEEL American Lawman (CTS XHP steel) Brand New In Box ***SOLD***

CQC-7 BT PE.JPG CQC-7 BT PE lock bar.JPG American Lawman.JPG CQC3clone3.jpg
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I'll take the cold steel. Please send PP info to: Thanks.
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Is the Emerson still available? Please email me if it is (deleted).

Thanks, Doug
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Is the Emerson still available?

I am away until next week but, IIRC, that PE CQC-7 is gone.

I have many Emersons and a few CQC-7s so when I get back I will check as I do want to keep thinning the herd.
Looks as though I sold off the other Safe Queen. I do have a CQC-7 V-Grind combo edge with tan handles that you could pry away from me. I do not believe that I have the box for it.
Send your email to:

Nimrod [dot] G2G [a t] C o m c a s t [ d o t] net