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*SOLD*Great Near New Kizer T1 $115 shipped

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Mar 12, 2016

$115 shipped

2nd owner. Is 98% NIB imo. Bought off reputable member and just got two hours ago. Love everything about it and it is a great specimen of this knife I feel, but the detent is a bit strong for my thumb. I have watched every Youtube review there is of this knife and this knife is exactly what they all say in the action department. Fires like on jet fuel. You break the detent and there is no stopping this bad boy. Action is amazing. The ergos are awesome, the clip works perfectly, the 3.25in blade is perfect size, great edge, centered, etc etc etc.

Last photo in pics shows the only flaw - a snail trail that I photographed at its worst. Almost not worth mentioning. Probably came from my wedding ring when checking ergos in left hand.

Have not used or cut anything with it.